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Images from a trip to Gujarat by Bharat Vohra, Bharath Moro and Shashanka Nanda
Route : Palanpur - Gandhidham - Anjar - Viramgam- Ahmedabad - Delhi

Date: 2012-01-26
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A relic from the past, still going strong - The lovely platform bell at Palanpur awaits the arrival of the Aravali Express from Bandra Terminus.


The Bronze Bell dates from the BB&CI days and was made by R Young & Company - London. It still used to announce the arrival and departure of trains.


The lovely Palanpur station building. Many stations in these parts feature the multiple domes seen on the right.


Rush Hour at Palanpur - all available tracks are occupied. On the right is the Ahmedabad - Haridwar Mail and the passenger train in the centre is the Palanpur - Gandhidham Express. The double stack container on the left was headed toward Gandhidham as wel


Leaving Palanpur - just out of the South exit the former MG tracks to Gandhidham (GIMB) take a sharp right hand curve.


The abandoned MG goods siding at Deesa.


Our first halt - Deesa. Many of the former MG buildings have been retained but the higher BG platforms overshadow them.


Overtaking the double stack container train that left before us at Palanpur. Was headed by Mughalsarai based WDM3A twins.


The newly converted BG line from Jodhpur via Samdari joins us at Bhildi. Once upon a time this used to be the boundary between NR and WR.


A passenger train to Jodhpur gets ready to leave Bhildi, hauled by an Abu Road WDM2.


We pull into Luni only to find the the Jodhpur bound passenger waiting to depart from the adjacent platform. The people of these parts wear impossibly colorful garb as if to compensate for the drab surroundings they live in.


The abandoned signal cabin at Diodar. Conversion to BG meant motorized points and electronic MACL signalling, hence making this quaint buildings redundant.


Whatever be the gauge though, a bench can never be redundant.


The PNU-GIMB Express has a dedicated rake and is fully vestibuled despite being a completely unreserved train.


BG may have replaced MG and buses and jeeps may rule the roost, but the camel cart will always be around.

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A superb collection that makes me say - "wish I had gone with you!"
Posted by Mohan Bhuyan on 2012 Feb 07 11:08:20 +0000
Wonderful album with stunning images. Each picture is a beauty. Superb efforts!
Posted by Pawan Koppa on 2012 Feb 07 06:40:27 +0000
Beautiful album !!!!!!
Posted by Jayasankar Madhavadas on 2012 Feb 06 13:18:15 +0000