Meter gauge to MHOW

With the meter gauge system rapidly disappearing I made it a priority to ride and photograph some part of the small remaining system on this trip as it may well be my last opportunity. After researching the remaining segments I decided that the Khandwa to Mhow segment would be my best opportunity with a long overall run, a respectable amount of trains and some fantastic scenery. After an early morning arrival on the Jehlum Express I boarded my first meter gauge train, 52992 to Omkareshwar Road. After spending the morning photographing trains crossing the Narmada River I boarded 52964 to Mhow where I was able to tour the meter gauge shed. After a night at the Colonel Uphaar hotel in Mhow I boarded 52963 to Patalpani where I met up with fellow IRFCA member Vivek Mishra for an exhausting but very productive day of railfanning in the Ghats.

Video links:
Khandwa to Omkareshwar
52963 crossing the Narmada
Omkareshwar to Patalpani
Railfanning in the Choral Ghats

Date: 2016-05-30
Owner: Nikos Kavoori
Size: 65 items

We waited an hour at Choral Bridge #1 expecting the 52987 come down hill with the much anticipated twin YDM4's as is usual when the banker is attached to the head of the train. However when the train came into view it was just the banker, evidently 52987


After a long uphill slog we finally reach ravine viaduct #2 and climbed up the hill on the north end of the viaduct. No sooner had we reached the top 52964 rounded the corner with another long hood forward red Mhow YDM4.


A minute later the train pops out of tunnel #3. Oddly the lead locomotive was not running, likely having failed on the grade but the 2nd locomotive was capable of pushing the short train up the hill.


The banker emerges from the tunnel and the valley is again filled with the ALCO music as it shoves the dead 6734 upgrade.


The shot I had been waiting all day for! 52964 rumbles across Ravine Viaduct #2 with the Choral River in the background.

Nice set of pics
Posted by Benhur on 2016 Sep 12 08:59:17 +0100