Meter gauge to MHOW

With the meter gauge system rapidly disappearing I made it a priority to ride and photograph some part of the small remaining system on this trip as it may well be my last opportunity. After researching the remaining segments I decided that the Khandwa to Mhow segment would be my best opportunity with a long overall run, a respectable amount of trains and some fantastic scenery. After an early morning arrival on the Jehlum Express I boarded my first meter gauge train, 52992 to Omkareshwar Road. After spending the morning photographing trains crossing the Narmada River I boarded 52964 to Mhow where I was able to tour the meter gauge shed. After a night at the Colonel Uphaar hotel in Mhow I boarded 52963 to Patalpani where I met up with fellow IRFCA member Vivek Mishra for an exhausting but very productive day of railfanning in the Ghats.

Video links:
Khandwa to Omkareshwar
52963 crossing the Narmada
Omkareshwar to Patalpani
Railfanning in the Choral Ghats

Date: 2016-05-30
Owner: Nikos Kavoori
Size: 65 items

6315 rests outside the shed with the modern part of the shed in the background.


5 YDM4's sit out of service behind the shops, from front to back; 6540, 6415, 6300, 6375 and one unknown. Some of these are set to be scrapped, others repaired.


Another view of 6315. The contrast between the new diesel shed structure and the old steam shed is readily apparent.


Freshly overhauled 6735 roars in run 8 under load test before being released to service. The sound was deafening!


The breakdown train awaits the call to duty with some condemned passenger coaches in the background.


Closer view of W.R. crane 1238, this Cowans Sheldon steam crane has been converted from coal to oil as evidenced by the fuel tank mounted on top of the former coal bunker.


Ghostly reminders of the last days of steam in India, 3 YP Class steam locomotives sit derelict outside the shop, numbers 2803, 2323 and 2622. The first two are relatively complete but 2622 is missing all of its driving wheels. These will likely be restor


Rusted details of 2803's cab.


The Choral Ghats south of Patalpani are breathtaking even without a train. After bailing from the 52963 at the 2nd brake test point and climbing the hill this was Vivek Mishras and I's view, it would be a long 2 hrs before the next train.


Looking the other way Ravine Viaduct #2s fresh silver paint glows in the early morning light.


The tunnels unique oval shape is evident in this view inside Tunnel #3


After we had walked through tunnel 3 the near total silence of the ghats was interrupted by the distant rumble of a train much to our surprise. Well it wasnt a train but rather a heavily loaded 6717 headed down to Kalakund to bank trains up the ghats for


The 1876 built Ravine viaduct #1 glows in the early morning light, the brightly painted silver bridges make for a great black & white subject


A Cargo Fleet Steel and Iron stamp adorns the bridge, its amazing to think that this structure has been here for 140 years.


We took a break from our uphill deathmarch back to Patelpani at the famed rock cutting to photograph the banker descending the hill for the final time.

Nice set of pics
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