1 week in India

In February 2016 I visited India from the United States to attend a cousins wedding in Goa. Naturally I had to take advantage of this opportunity to do some railfanning which I had been able to very little of on my past trip to India in 2010. My journey started in Atlanta, Georgia where I boarded Delta flight to 8517 to Paris and then onto Mumbai on Air France 8705. After a waiting through the incredibly slow customs line and a few hours waiting in the terminal I took a cab to Dadar station where I boarded 12051 to Goa. After several days of relaxing on the beach, watching trains and attending the amazing wedding I headed north to Pune and then onto Khandwa to travel the meter gauge to Mhow. After spending a day photographing the meter gauge in the scenic Ghats I headed to Jaipur to visit relatives and then onto Delhi for my flight home. It was a amazing trip and I hope to be back soon! I would like to thank IRFCA members Apurva Bahadur, Lalam Mandavkar, Jayant Ramadasi, Vivek Mishra, Harris Kiran, James Billingham, Vic Lines, Mark Torkington and Shashanka Nanda for their assistance on this trip. The album is broken down into 4 sub albums based on location: Goa, Pune area, Khandwa to Mhow meter gauge and Jaipur-Delhi area

Date: 2016-04-06
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Goa: ALCO's in Paradise
Album: Goa: ALCO's in Paradise

Trains in Goa in February 2016, featuring mostly ALCO hauled trains.

Pune area
Album: Pune area

Photos around Pune, mainly on the Pune to Mumbai line over the Bhor Ghats.

Meter gauge to MHOW
Album: Meter gauge to MHOW

Two days riding and photographing the fast disappearing meter gauge network from Khandwa to Mhow

Jaipur and Delhi
Album: Jaipur and Delhi

Final portion of the trip, a few trains photographed while visiting family in Jaipur and Delhi

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Thanks for taking us with you on this journey. Nice collection of photos!
Posted by Shirish Paranjape on 2016 Nov 17 05:51:52 +0000
Beautiful pictures!
Posted by Abhinav Bhattacharjee on 2016 Oct 03 14:44:51 +0100
Kudos to a successful trip. Great pictures!
Posted by Vivek Mishra on 2016 Sep 24 06:32:55 +0100