Surviving and Preserved locomotives in Central and South Central India

This album contains pictures of surviving and preserved locomotives in Central and South Central India.

Date: 2008-09-29
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The YP parked at kacheguda station i took this shot from the wall of the reservation complex as i did not have a tripod,maybe be deleted if quality is not acceptable


A salute to the glory of steam! YP 2590 preserved at the Aurangabad railway station. What a way to welcome passengers at AWB. WAP4 22371 leads a triplet of sleeping electrics taking a break from their duties at Manmad. Picture taken on 27/12/2007.


A ZD steam loco plinthed outside Solapur station on north exit. The MG was located in south exit. Pic by Giridhar


YD 30243 Stabled at Divisional Manager Headquarters, Hubli SWR.Dr. Vikas Parvatikar (Dr. Vikas Parvatikar)

YP 2590 at AWB

GOD bless YP... ! YP 2590 of Nanded Division at Aurangabad (Dhiraj Deshmukh)


YP 2590 in a bright day light. (Dhiraj Deshmukh)


YP 2590, at AWB by another angle (Dhiraj Deshmukh)


CR's ZP 2 on a flat bed wagon at Khadki, waiting to proceed towards Lonavla. This probably worked on the Pulgaon-Arvi line, as per information on Indian Steam Railway Society's website. A picture of this loco in its heydays can be seen [url=http://www.ind


The ZP # 2 from Pulgaon stabled at Khadki. There was a report of a matching tender alongside this loco but only the loco remains at Khadki through the March 2009. (Apurva)


Another look at the ZP 2 from Pulgaon, now waiting at Khadki. (Apurva)


Details of the cab marking of the ZP 2 at Khadki. The buildings at the rear are where our dear John (Mani) lives, with a flat overlooking the railway lines. (Apurva)


View of the ZP's wheels, motion and one of the two cylinders. Seen at Khadki. (Apurva)


A WG #10253 plinthed at Zonal Training School in Bhusaval. ()


An old photograph of ZP3, tenders of ZP3 & ZP2 and ZP2 on three flat bed wagons at Lonavla yard. Photo uploaded in response to Kharad's message (#238140 ). ()