A WG #10253 plinthed at Zonal Training School in Bhusaval. ()

Date: 2010-02-20
Owner: Sachin Buddhisagar
Full size: 1024x654

I wonder whether this could be brought back to life. By looking at the state in which the loco is, it should not be difficult do restore this loco.
Posted by Ramdev Gowda on 2010 Feb 22 03:14:43 +0000
Looks really Handsome , nice shot Sachin bhai !!!
Posted by Ashwin Rao on 2010 Feb 21 03:41:42 +0000
Wonderful to see a WG. The first shot of a plinthed WG on our server.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2010 Feb 21 03:10:50 +0000