Signals, Route Relay Interlocking, Cabins and Equipment

This album contains pictures of various aspects of signalling systems in past and present.

Date: 2003-01-03
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Coonoor Cabin. Photo by Raghuram C G, June 2003.


Beautiful RRI cabin at Jolarpettai Jn. Sandeep Sreedharan, Jan 7, 2007.,


Bandra station. Note the uncommon double-red signal to mark the end of a shunting block. Photo by Prakash Tendulkar, 2002.


The old control tower of Churchgate station, seen from the driving cab of an EMU as it starts from platform #1 at Churchgate. Photo by Prakash Tendulkar, 2001.


Stop signal with calling-on signal below it, at Karjat. Photo by Prakash Tendulkar, 2002.


Starter signal at Khandala. Photo by Prakash Tendulkar, 2002.


The charming signal box at Pophlaj. Photo by Apurva Bahadur, June 2001.


Wansjaliya Jn. stn.(on Kanalus - Porbandar route). On view is the main station building adorned in festoons for Republic day celebrations. To the left is the signal cabin (platform) and in the foreground between the second and the third line is the suppor


This is a signal cabin (platform) at Lalpur (Jam) Stn. on the Kanalus - Porbandar line. This is a typical signal cabin which is found at most, if not all, stations of Bhavnagar division of Western Railway. Avimanyu Pyne, May 2003.


This is a special shunt signal with three aspects, stop, shunt slowly, shunt fast. Photo by Apurva Bahadur, 19 July 2003.


A typical suburban station signal cabin on the ER. Photo by Samit Roychoudhury, Sep. 2003.


Zankvav (Narrow gauge - WR). This is an old signal at the station, now in disuse. Photo by R. R. Bhagwat. Camera: Canon EOS88. December 2002.


Nasirabad Cabin B. Photo by Vicky, Oct 2003.


Signal post. Coonoor railway station. Nilgiri mountain rail. Coonoor Railway station in 1998. Photos by ken


Semaphore signalling system very much in use at the Baiyapanahalli goods yard. Bangalore, 2003-11-08. By Sandeep Mohan.