Railway Architecture

This album contains old and new pictures of railway stations, buildings, structures and offices etc.

Date: 2003-01-01
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Mumbai CST station at 6PM when the sun is just about to set...


And here is Mumbai CST at night; fully illuminated


One of the most charming station buildings I have seen. Bilaspur station at night.


Mumbai CST at night.


A nice veiw of the Kharagpur station and PF 1 from our retiring room window. - Pulastya Parekh


A complete viw of the Pratap Nagar station. Doesn't it look more like a BG station than NG?


Tiruchirapalli Junction. April 2006. Photo by Aravind S.


Ratnagiri station at night, 2006-05-24, Lalam


A close-up of the clock tower in front of the Delhi Main(Old Delhi station) known as `Ghanta Ghar' that is now long gone.

Victoria Terminus Bombay PC sent in 1904

An early image of Victoria Terminus station from a postcard sent in 1904.

BB & CJ Railway Offices - Bombay - India - Taraporevala's 'Elite' Series #142 - 1916

BB & CIR Railway Offices at Churchgate, Bombay. From a Taraporevala's 'Elite' Series postcard No. 142 - 1916.


An exterior view of Trivandrum Central..
Photo by: Biju Bhasker


Newly constructed Kochuveli station, Trivandrum..This station will be coming up as a satellite terminus for TVC..
Only two trains start from here now..One is Kochuveli-Chandigarh Samparkkranthi Express and the other is Kochuveli-Hubli Express..


Ujjain Junction Station Building. 2006-07-07 Piyush Merai.


Udupi Stn building. Note the dravidian style of the front porche.. The famous Krishna Mutt temple is 2kms from the station. (2006-09-25)