Railway Architecture

This album contains old and new pictures of railway stations, buildings, structures and offices etc.

Date: 2003-01-01
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Gangsar Jaito stn. Low rise platforms and a very nice stn building made this a very pleasant stop for us. The crowd is waiting for the Delhi - Firozpur passenger. 2005-08-14. Bharath Moro.


View of part of the Bilaspur station building. Since being made SEC HQ, Bilaspur station has really improved. Bilaspur, 2005-08-25. Abhijit Lokre.


The original NDLS building

Copy of PHA-41

The old building alongside the new one at NDLS.

Delhi Station Building Built in 1864 view taken in 1920 208_0128.tif

Delhi Station Building (1864 vintage). Picture taken in 1920.


That's the station. The station has a strange code - NIL. Only 3 arrivals and departurs from here everyday


The external facade and the station building at Asansol, WB. This red pain scheme is quite common here. 2005-10-30


Happy Diwali from Howrah.


The new BDTS station building looks like it has been inspired by the 50's art deco style of architecture. Pastel shades were everywhere! Makes for a welcome change from the dreary and drab old entrance. 2005-10-19.


This is the beautifully-designed entrance to the Cuttack railway station closely resembling a fortress (Based on the Barabati Fortress at Cuttack). 2005-11-17, Bizzy Mishra


The main building of Kanpur station. Note the mockup of a WAP4 (#22544) stuck on top of the building. Kanpur Station 2005-11-20


Can anyone identify this station? My father took this photograph during World War I and it may help me identify his route across India -- Les Bailey.


Bengal and Nagpur Railway (BNR) Hotel -- Front View. Ranchi. 2005-07-22. By Tim Makins.


Bengal and Nagpur Railway (BNR) Hotel -- Entrance. Ranchi. 2005-07-22. By Tim Makins.


Typical Kerala styled Guruvayur station. - Ramesh S.