Cochin Harbour Terminus

A photo series with an accompanying observation report on CHTS by Jimmy Jose

Date: 2003-12-29
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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The British-built clock of the station has been dead for years. The station has not had a paint coat for decades. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


Once a bustling station, The Cochin Harbour Terminus is in a totally dilapidated and crumbling state now. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


Another view of the dying Cochin Harbour Terminus. Once, the station had more than 15 daily departures and arrivals. Now only a single train — SRR - CHTS pass. — visits the station today. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


The empty platforms of the Cochin Harbour Terminus. Less than a handful of people come here to board the single train. Old parcel trolley and even a wheel chair is found here. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


Strangely, the Cochin - Shoranur passenger was the first train to start its operation from here. This train has not parted with the station even today while all other prestigious trains like Mangala, Netravati, Island etc have ditched the station. 2003-


The station from a distance. The vast expanse of empty land is filled with rails and railway instruments, and of course, snakes!! Just imagine the place filled with coaches of import, as it was a decade ago. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


The station once had four platforms to accomodate Mangala, Netravati, Alleppey - Chennai, Cape - BBVT, Island, Raptisagar, Sabari, Tea Garden, Push-Pull exps etc. Now it has two. Two platforms to accomodate a single train!. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jos


The old cabin of the station. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


Old track-changing mechanism. The rust on the track show when it was last used. Probably years back. This is PF #2 of CHTS. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


The booking office and enquiry office of the station. Now unused. 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


The time table at CHTS station. All the trains have been erased, except the Cochin - Shornaur Pass. The notice board on the right has not seen a notice for years, probably there is no employee belonging to the union left in the station. CHTS, 2003-12-24.


The old token machine and signalling plan at CHTS. See how many tracks this station has. Out of these, only one is being currently used. God knows whether the rest still exist. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


The bell, which has not rung for years and the almost broken token exchange ring. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


This is a speciality of the station - the underground cellar. No one dare enter the cellar since it has remained closed for nearly a decade. The place is filled with great wild flora and fauna. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.


The telephone booth at the station. It has been closed since no one visits the station to make a phone call. Just imagine the queue outside the cabin when a long distance train arrived here once. CHTS, 2003-12-24. By Jimmy Jose.