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Ujjain Junction. Year 2006. Tracks are going towards INDB. (Piyush)

Madurai Station 1900s

Madurai station platform in the early 1900s.


Been there! Done that! IGP Trip Shed. 04th September 2008. (Ranjeet Ramaswamy Iyer)


Seq 3 - Closer shot of the rainbow (Karthik M V)


The British-era arched roof gives a distinctive look to Bandra station. The new design LED indicators can be seen on both the platforms. (Karan Desai)


Remains of an old MG shed at Miraj. (Sachin Buddhisagar)


Wellington station Building. At an MSL of 1709 meters, this station is situated between Coonoor and Ooty on the NMR line.


A scene at Amla Junction between Nagpur and Itarsi taken from the Gondwana Express.The station has lost a lot of its importance once crew changes for passenger trains were eliminated here. But crews for goods trains continue to switch here today. ()


Another view of the damned platform. The tracks used to proceed below the tree and small shed seen in the background. The intent of railways to finish off this old alignment can be gauged by the wall that can be seen, from where once the tracks used to


The office of Train Ticket examiner- now abandoned. Pic by Giridhar


trivandrum central:station view.taken january 1986.foto by weggi.


madras (chennai) central:inside hall.taken january 1986.foto by weggi.

got a reservation

new delhi:crowd at the platform.taken january 1986.foto by weggi.


ahmedabad railway station.taken february 1986.foto by weggi

Banar Railway Station_Dec_1985

A view of Banar Railway station near Jodhpur, Dec 1985. This was taken atop a nearby water tank. At that time this was still a MG route. Picture taken of old color negative print...By Dinesh Hukmani