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Date: 2003-02-22
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Morning at Ludhiana station. The vendor with the cart dishes out food tastier than the IRCTC stall in the background. Two guys could barely manage the serve a crowd that kept asking for more. ()


Typical North Indian scenes outside of Barabanki station. A MEMU has just arrived which will return in sometime towards LKO and finally CNB. (Samar)

Ayodhya stn

Station cum temple at Ayodhya. (Dhirendra Maurya)


A night shot of Ballia station taken while travelling from Varanasi to Muzaffarpur onbard the Pawan Express from Mumbai. (Chaitanya)


a recent photo of WR HQ (Rajendra Saxena)


Mangalore Central on a rain soaked day... ()


'Tigers may have been poached at Ranthambore (Rajasthan), but we get plenty of Tigerfaces' ..says the wise dog. 27 Jul 09 (Shikhar Parjan)

crossing at bridgemanganj

IZN YDM4# 6529 hauling MG passenger comes to bridgemanganj station from gonda. (pic taken on 13.03.2009) (Dhirendra Maurya)


IZN YDM4#6528 hauling Anand Nagar - Gonda MG passenger. Thats my native place. (pic taken on 13.03.2009) (Dhirendra Maurya)


Bridgemanganj Station between Gonda and Gorakhpur. This is MG line via Anandnagar, naugarh, balrampur. currently the MG line between GKP till nautanwa via Anand nagar is under Gauge conversion. MG trains are running from Gonda till Anandnagar. (Dhirendra


Juggaur, a halt station midway between Lucknow and Barabanki. Though I have passed this station numerous times, but this was the first time I came here by road. As one can see, I am standing on the low level platform and the station building along with ab


IR Ends Here! The Southernmost tip of IR at CAPE. 2009-05-26, Bizzy ()

Barog Rly Stn Restaurant

KSR : The halt at Barog for the Rail Car is 15 mins. Though I doubt that it is enough for passengers to finish breakfast in the Restaurant. Photo taken by Dr. Pranav Kodial 2009-04-22. (Jitendra Mulky)


Ratlam Station at night. (Raj Bhavsar)


Lalkua junction board at station. On extreme right can be seen partially an LED board, surprising to find them at a nonsignificant station. (Samar)