Stations and Buildings

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welcome to dwarka

A view of Dwarka station platform. ()

dwarka under constn

Dwarka station building under construction. ()


plateform with small passenger sheltor at Somnath (Rajendra Saxena)


Somnath station - curves at dead end introduced due to narrow strip of land availability (Rajendra Saxena)


KJM WDM3A 14025 is overshadowed by the Famous clock tower of Mysore (Shishir Jairam)


Agra station from (no copy right mentioned) (milind)

a photo fro shri BMS Bisht Gallery

A photo from shri BMS Bisht Gallery - train leaving colaba station (Rajendra Saxena)

Picture 011

My first spotting of the day at Saharanpur - SGUJ WDP-4 #20079 bringing in the Himgiri Express. (Parthajit Dasgupta)


Tirupattur Station on the JTJ-SA section. This pic was taken when my 6339 was made to halt here for 1 hour as it was 55 minutes before time. Unfortunately there was just 1 single action that of a BCNA rake hauled by AJJ duo. (Ranjeet Ramaswamy Iyer)

egmore 1

Chennai Egmore in the evening times. (Sid)


Ticket windows coming up in Barmer in typical Rajasthani architecture. (Samar)


MEMUs are now plying between Saharanpur and Ambala. This MEMU has just arrived on platform 4 from Ambala and is ready to start its journey to Ambala again. (Samar)

Howrah, East Indian Railway.

A view of the famous landmark, from a book printed in 1917. (Fortunately there is no copyright on the book at present.) (Rahul)


Looking out from Bodinayakkanur station. The line to Madurai curves sharply towards the right while the Western Ghats loom large on the left. Bodi pass which takes the road over these mountains is towards the centre of the picture. (Bharath Moro)

Unknown Station (broad gauge)

What station is this?