Cochin Harbour Terminus

Cochin Harbour Terminus revisted - Photos from Cochin Harbour Terminus and Mattanchery Halt. By Jimmy Jose

Date: 2007-08-06
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Deep inside the tropical jungle is this relic from the past. A water column...


This is the room from which the guy in charge of turning the loco on the turn table controlled the activities.


Mattancheri Halt (MTNC) is the only active railway establishment in the Ernakulam Jn - Cochin Harbour Terminus line


The beautiful signalling cabin. It looks worn out but the instruments inside are in pristine condition.


The "Pull Chart" in the signalling cabin.


The signalling arrangement of the cabin


These newly laid tracks were never used. As soon as these tracks were laid, this line, meant for passenger services to Cochin Terminus was abandoned. The gate on the right announces beginning of Cochin Port Trust area


Inspection details on the signalling machine. It was installed as late as 1978.


Antique lamp post from the days of yore no longer light up the platforms. Why should they?? There are no trains and so no one to board


Another view of the nice station. There are so many trees nearby and it is so cool inside the station! The chair is simple but very comfy!


The code "CHA" is stenciled everywhere. Can someone decipher the anagram? Was this station called something else during the past?


The corridors of the station. The "Oil and Store" was once used to store lemon grass oil which was exported from Cochin


The booking office and passenger side of the station


The combined fruit and tea stall. It was functional until a few months back. The person Komalavally still hold the license. It was used a lot by the local workers since no other refreshment stall is available close by


The train timing board. Note the blanked out trains - Trichy - Cochin and Cochin - Trichy Exp

Very informative photo essay on the sad state of affairs at CHTS. Hope, once the new bridge to the mainland gets ready, CHTS gets back some of its lost glory. Circa 1999, it was a busy yard. Good work Jimmy!!
Posted by PVS Praveen Kumar on 2007 Aug 17 06:54:37 +0100
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Tearful I can say...never went here but remember seeing the Gorakhpur-Cochin exp (now 2511 Raptisagar) which started in late 80s and name Cochin was made famous among railway folks in LKO. Also took this train twice once for JTJ and once for CBE before ...
Posted by Samar on 2007 Aug 16 20:54:02 +0100
Very very nice photos Jimmy! Feel sad to see the state of affairs today
Posted by Sriram P on 2007 Aug 16 11:10:34 +0100