Cochin Harbour Terminus

Cochin Harbour Terminus revisted - Photos from Cochin Harbour Terminus and Mattanchery Halt. By Jimmy Jose

Date: 2007-08-06
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Stolen from the Colonial age. The impressive Cochin Harbor Terminus Station served as the nerve centre for Railway activities in Cochin for over 50 years until being abandoned in 2004


Another view of the colonial station. Mute reminder of a bygone era


The old clock. Broken and dead. Forever??


Platform no. 1 of the Station. Station has no station master to keep it clean!


Platform No. 2. Imagine a WDM 2 hauled Netravati Express here!


Station Manager's room. Locked forever?


Empty and locked up offices of the station.


Another view of the ghost station. The table and chair belonged to RPF personnel posted there


Freshly painted late running board. Was it ever used after the painting?


Erstwhile train timings, when on the day the station was closed down. Note the board reading "NO TRAIN SERVICE FROM THE STATION".


Interior of the building. Railway offices are placed as an island inside the building with corridors on both sides.


View of the platform and signalling cabin of the station head on. What a terrible sight. Imagine a busy train preparing to leave here


Proud signals that once held their trains in place. No more trains to control. Yet they strikingly stand out


An old goods wagon now rests peacefully near the coach maintenance area. RIP!


The once busy coach maintenance yard is now anti social's heaven. Thanks to the railway apathy

Very informative photo essay on the sad state of affairs at CHTS. Hope, once the new bridge to the mainland gets ready, CHTS gets back some of its lost glory. Circa 1999, it was a busy yard. Good work Jimmy!!
Posted by PVS Praveen Kumar on 2007 Aug 17 06:54:37 +0100
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Tearful I can say...never went here but remember seeing the Gorakhpur-Cochin exp (now 2511 Raptisagar) which started in late 80s and name Cochin was made famous among railway folks in LKO. Also took this train twice once for JTJ and once for CBE before ...
Posted by Samar on 2007 Aug 16 20:54:02 +0100
Very very nice photos Jimmy! Feel sad to see the state of affairs today
Posted by Sriram P on 2007 Aug 16 11:10:34 +0100