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Few Heritage photo received from southern railway (Rajendra Saxena)


A train before electrification of main line.The ramp in picture is the Sandhurst road station ramp.Picture credit TOI & IRIEEN. ()


Crowd wait at Kurla station to witness the electrification of the then GIP railway.Date 4.2.1925.Also an interesting piece of news article on DQ's timing then.Picture credit TOI & IRIEEN. ()


A very precious pamphlet I found today. Gives a brief history of railways around Lucknow. This was printed by the Sr.DOM of LKO division in 1990s, who became the DRM also here in around 2000. Lots of things may have changed now. Thanks to Mr. BMS Bisht fo


Another view of the same. Note though LKO-RBL-PBH-BSB line came later than LKO-FD-BSB, it is still shown as main line. The LKO-SLN-BSB which was the last one is known as chord line which means the shortest. (Samar)


The railway bridge over the Ganges at Cawnpore(Kanpur) is seen in this photograph taken in the 1880s.


Erode Steam Shed Round House as seen in 1982, a few weeks prior to its closure. Photo taken by Sri S. Ramanathan, formerly GM/ERLy.


Jabalpur station probably in the 1930s. The locomotive is no 218 which I think is 4-6-0 built by North British for the GIPR in 1903.
No indication of the photographer on the picture which was found among a mixed collection in a local sale. (David ...

ABR class M

Assam Bengal Railway no 67, class G 2-6-0 built by Hanomag in Germany in 1901. No indication of the photographer on the picture which was found in a local sale. Hughes states that this locomotive was sent to East Africa in 1916 and not returned. The card


A pic for loco database. YDM 1 #6008 at Regional Indian Railway Museum , Perambur. (Ashwin Rao)


This is a image of a rare photograph of Churchgate & colaba station taken in 1910. This confirms that once Churchgate was a seaside station & what we see now towards marine drive is reclamation. Other snap is of Colaba Station building. Currently


The two level rail cum road bridge over river Yamuna at Agra is seen in this undated image. Note the Taj Mahal in the distance.


Churchgate station - 1910. Source unknown. (Jimmy Jose)


Early 20th century view of postal enquiry counter at Howrah station - A view from Eastern Railway HQ's Heritage Gallery.