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A view the Hardinge railway bridge over Padma river (now in Bangladesh , then East Pakistan ) damaged during the Indo-Pak war of 1971. The retreating Pakistan army left behind a M24 Chafee tank on the bridge which can be seen [url=http://img3.photographer


Indian army personnel posing in front of the Dinajpur station sign during the Indo-Pak war for liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. Picture courtesy Saptarshi Bhattacharya from the collection of his father who was in the Indian Army.

Rai Ka Bagh Palace Jn_Jodhpur_1984

Rai Ka Bagh Palace Jn, Jodhpur, 1984. A typical scene one evening. (Dinesh Hukmani)

Garib Nawaz Express 1992

Garib Nawaz Express, 1992. Location : Kapasan. Waiting for a goods train to cross. (Dinesh Hukmani)

Garib Nawaz Express_1 1992

Garib Nawaz Express, 1992. Another view. (Dinesh Hukmani)

Chittorgarh Station_1992

Chittorgarh Station in 1992. Typical scene with all MG, Steam Locos, Semophores. (Dinesh Hukmani)

Token Exchange Kapasan_1992

Down memory lane. Token exchange in the MG zone at Kapasan on the Jaipur Udaipur line, sometime in 1992. The train on the right is the Delhi Udaipur Garib Nawaz Express. (Dinesh Hukmani)


The board says it all ! - Location- Howrah Jn. (Kunal.S.Doddanavar)

Old Sangam Bridge

From Archives - Snap of steam train on Old Sangam Bridge. This bridge was closed for train traffic after 1926-27 when new Girder Bridge was constructed. For those who are not aware with Pune area this bridge is between Pune & Shivajinagar station towa

Old Sangam BRidge 1

From Archives - Picture of Girder Bridge from Pune end. Archives mention that the snap is taken while shifting of rails from Old to New was in process. the bridge work was completed in 1926 and is still in use. The Old bridge is used for road traffic and


Puzzle picture. Has anyone any suggestions of where it is or when? It has been suggested that it may be south India or Sri Lanka.
Picture from David Churchill's collection - no indication of photographer or publisher. (David Churchill)


Close up of loco on previous picture. I would guess that it is GIPR U38 class. The number could perhaps be 843 although this does not correspond with any shown in Hughes book. (David Churchill)


Picture bought at local postcard fair. No identification of photographer or publisher. I would guess that it is a GIPR Bombay suburban service and date is probably about 1910. (David Churchill)


Close up of locomotive in previous picture. It is BNR 0-6-0 and appears to be F class number is perhaps 18? (David Churchill)