DC AC Conversion - Harbour Line

IRFCA members covering the historic AC conversion of Harbour line can upload the pictures directly to this album.

Date: 2016-04-08
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1000-AC_Invasion_Mumbai_Apr 10 2016

Picture showing the invasion of 25000V AC traction in Mumbai as on April 10, 2016. Certainly not to scale. Just tried to show the progress made by CR & WR in bringing 25KV AC traction into Mumbai, ruled by 1500V DC at present. Also, this image shows t


An (pure) DC EMU leaving PF# 4 of Vadala Road towards CSTM (asHIsh)


Side profile of a DC EMU leaving for CSTM, a sight which has become a history (asHIsh)


The last EMU (11:27PM) service to Panvel before DC-AC conversion block was to commence, waiting for starter at Kurla (Harbour). One more service left before the block started, but it was upto Vashi (asHIsh)


Decorated rake of the Kurla-CSTM special service arrives from Sanpada car shed, at Kurla (asHIsh)


Decorated interiors of the rake. How I wish this special last DC service carried super dense crush load! (asHIsh)


A passenger expressing his feelings, to be telecast on NEWS Nation channel (asHIsh)


The operating cab of the special service, the person farthest is the motorman (regret the bad quality of picture) (asHIsh)


A big crowd awaited the arrival of special rake at CSTM (asHIsh)


Arrangement was made at foyer of CSTM to telecast the conversion, live. Reminded me of the live telecast of satellite launch by ISRO (asHIsh)


Live feeds from 4 cameras were projected (asHIsh)


The two pictures at the top show two views from the control room. The white board on the glass wall shows the schematic of the power feeds. The computer monitor shows the screen of SCADA software. The panel in front of the officer wearing violet shirt, is

Very Nice!
Posted by Dhawal Poladia on 2016 Apr 27 12:50:00 +0100
One more into history now ! Great set of pics.
Posted by Karthik Abbilash on 2016 Apr 11 07:04:32 +0100
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2016 Apr 10 09:37:59 +0100