DC AC Conversion - Harbour Line

IRFCA members covering the historic AC conversion of Harbour line can upload the pictures directly to this album.

Date: 2016-04-08
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DC rake #307 awaiting departure to Panvel from Thane on one of its last few days in service (Akshay Marathe )


Siemens EMU under the newly energized AC Traction at Vashi Station on April 10, 2016 (Vijay Aravamudhan)


New Siemens EMU ready to take over from the retiring DC EMU, at CSTM, on April 10, 2016. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


WDS6 36290 attached to DC EMU, which would tow it dead to MTN yard, as traffic block had already commenced. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


(Vijay Aravamudhan)


Musical Band ready to welcome the last Special DC EMU of Central Railway, alonwith VIPs, GM etc, who were travelling in the coach which isn being videographed by the PRess persons. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


And last ever time, on April 10, 2016 at 12-28am, All the 3 pantographs of the DC 9car EMU were lowered one by one, PERMANENTLY. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


A Big band group and good amount of crowd of ppl, including press reporters, VIPs including GM, etc (Vijay Aravamudhan)


CLose up of decorated last DC EMU at SNPD Carshed. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


Last Special DC EMU decorated by Railfans. Now ready, sporting LED lighting. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


Battalion of railfans who were part of the rake decorations.
Upper L2R: Amit Phatak, Subash Gupta Sir (DRUCC member), Vibhav P, Rajendra Aklekar Sir, Yours Truly, Amol Nikam, Another railfan (name not remembered), Aryan.
Lower LtoR:Gururaj...


One last time, we get to see an AC Loco and DC EMU side by side,at Thane on April 9, 2016, a dy before the remaining sections of CR -Harbour and Trans Harbour lines would be converted into 25KV AC. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


Sad end of old DC EMU coaches - cutting in progress at Sanpada EMU Carshed of Central Railways. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


Sad end of old DC EMU coaches - cutting in progress at Sanpada EMU Carshed of Central Railways. (Vijay Aravamudhan)


76319 DC 9car Last Special EMU before decoration by railfans. This EMU was nicely spray painted and each coach decorated outside, and first class coaches decorated from inside, with old classic photos of DC EMUs. Seats were provided with seat numbers, exp

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One more into history now ! Great set of pics.
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