Date: 2005-10-22
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WCAM-3 #20888

The WCAM-3 was dead with the WAG-7 in the lead. It was great to see the technical words conveying this test charging painted clearly on the WCAM-3. (Kaushik Dharwadkar)

WAG-7 #27136 KYN-LTT Test Charge

No need to say anything. The words painted on the WAG-7 convey the message clearly to all. The Test charge on the KYN-LTT section was carried out successfully on 30-12-2012 (Kaushik Dharwadkar)

IRFCA Cup-cake

[OT]. My daughter Shreya made cup-cakes at home yesterday. She decorated one of them in the honour of IRFCA. {Webmasters may delete if inappropriate] (Shirish Paranjape)

12041 njp shat

12041 HWH-NJP Shatabdi Express getting ready for its first commercial run from Howrah platform no 11 with SGUJ WDP-4B 40045 at its helm. (Ankit Ray Ghatak)


Vadodara's WAP5 30044 takes the DD express slowly through platform 2 at Vadodara (Abhijit)


BRC WAP5 #30044 'Gaurav' all set to depart BCT with the NWR rake of AC DD for trial run. (Heth Kansara)


A look at the AC Double Decker Chair Car Coach. This particular rake belongs to NWR, and will be deployed on the Delhi Sarai Rohilla - Jaipur section. (Vivek Manvi)


BRC WAP-5 #30046 blasts through Kandivli station with the AC Double Decker rake on a trial run. The train was doing 100kmph (Vivek Manvi)


The rear Generator Car of the AC Double Decker rake. The "Maximum Permissible Speed" stenciled on the Gen Car is 160 kmph as you can see. (Vivek Manvi)


A model of ZDM-5 #541 at the exhibition, brought in from Pratapnagar. (Akshay Marathe)


IRFCA finds a place in WR's exhibition on occassion of 57th railway week.

A collection of images depicting various aspects of WCAM-1 & 2 is being shown on an LCD TV in the exhibition. It was prepared in less than a day's time.


Inaugural special 09406 ADI YPR AC Express Departed from ADI with decorated BL WCAM 2P # 21870. All coaches are ADI NDLS SJ Rajdhani and all rake looks very neat and clean. (Raj Bhavsar)


Much awaited Mumbai-New Delhi Duronto Express on its inaugural run passes at sedate pace through Virar hauled by BRC WAP-4E. This same loco hauled inaugural run of


Ahmedabad Duronto Express all set to leave for its inaugural run from Pune. Notice CR KYN markings on Loco. (Jattin Bhavsar)


Sealdah-Puri Duronto Express comes curving to Ballyhalt with a beautifully decorated HWH WAP-4 22405 in lead... (Siddhartha Mukherjee)