Date: 2005-10-22
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People admiring the DEMU as it awaits the Railway Minister to arrive for the flagging-off ceremony at Mangalore Central. Three trains- 02636 Mangalore-Madgaon Superfast Intercity, 07605 Mangalore Kacheguda Express and 70105 Mangalore Bhatkal DEMU were fla


LTT-KCVL Inaugural Special with KYN WDM3D#11243. (Dhairya Upadhyaya)

WDP 4B - KJM - 40015

Newly Inaugurated Karnataka Sampark Kranthi Express (Yesvantapur to Chandigarh). Location - Soledevanahalli. Krishnarajapuram WDP-4B 40015 did the honours of hauling the inaugural run of the train. Note that the WDP-4B loco is painted in WDP-4 Style (WDP


The inaugural run of SRC-MAS AC express.. However, this train is slower than Coromondel in both directions.. (Siddhartha Mukherjee)


Enjoying his tea before departureN. R. LOCOPILOTअमर सिंहAMAR SINGHFARRY QUEEN-STEAM ExpNote the mistake: Farry instead of Fairy (Santulan Mahanta)


The rare breed of railwaymen these days. The crew members of the Steam Express after completion of the journey posed for a photograph at Delhi Cantt (Santulan Mahanta)


WP/1 7161 after the completion of journey from Alwar rests at Delhi Cantt. The old fellow ran at 60kmph in some portions of its journey and I think it ran slow just to keep with the schedule. Original schedule was prepared for Fairy Queen and even the boo


Feeding the firebox
Not too many of railwaymen are there for this job now (Santulan Mahanta)

_DSC0160 - Copy

Loco Pilot Mr. Amar Singh and fireman of WP 7161 looks out as the Steam Express passes through a roadside station at 58kmph (Santulan Mahanta)


A long pending dream come true for citizens of the 'Coffee Town' in Karnataka as the Chikmagalur ~ Shimogga Town Passenger Service is all decked up to start operations on the new line between Chikmagalur - Kadur section under South Western Railway. The tr


A beautifully decorated KJM Alco is assigned the duties to haul the "Inagural Special" between Chikmagalur & Shimogga Town.
Check out the interesting stickers on the buffers ! (Kunal.S.Doddanavar)


KYN's #11254 is all decked up as she silently pulls out of LTT with the LTT-KIK Express which was inaugurated by the Hon. Railway Minister Mr. Mallikarjun Kharge a little while back.

Video can be seen here:...


Kittur Rani Chennamma Express at Dharwad on its inagural run in BG awatar. Check out the elaborate and attractive decorations on the KJM loco. (Kunal.S.Doddanavar)


Ratlam WDM-3A # 16809 pulls out of Indore with Indore-Yeswantpur Express. The train was inaugurated as a weekly express today. It was running as a special since last November. (Vivek Mishra)


On the day of the commercial inauguration of the much awaited AC Double Decker Express, RPM WAP-7 #30332 sans decorations gets the dubious honor of working the same train the same day twice!
The same loco had hauled the train 22625 from Chennai to...