Electric Multiple Units

Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) from IR's suburban services

Date: 2003-03-31
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In comparison, this EMU on Mumbai's WR is packed with commuters and in need of a wash. Andheri

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An EMU accelerates out of GZB heading to Dadri. 2/1/2007. Ankit Bharaj.


A recently POH'd DC EMU. Note that the first pantograph is the AC-DC "single arm" type whereas the second one is the DC "diamond" type.

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The HDSH-2 EMU arrives at Lodhi Colony Stn. 23/12/2006. Ankit Bharaj.


A bunch of abnormalities! Note the following in this image: The Pantograph of the Motor coach is down. The coach near the Motor coach does not have the "protective mesh" outside the horizontal bars. The EMU was a 12-Car train while the announcem


THE NEW "aerodynamically" styled (???) EMU from CR! This "restyling" is a crack-idea by some nut at Kalwa Car Shed! I took the photo at such an angle just to give the actual size of the "curve".


EMU near Ennore creek near Chennai. 2006-11-17. Lalam. lalaam@gmail.com


1 AJL LDH-ASR EMU Passenger at pf- 4 of Ludhiana Jn.2006-11-12,by Gurjeet Singh. E-Mail : gurjeet_umt@yahoo.com


Not many people are hanging on the doors of L7 Lonavala-Pune Local. This could be due to weekend or could be due to chill in the air, Between Malavli and Kamshet


An ultra crowded Millenium EMU leaves Kandivli station


The First Class compartment of WR's Millenium EMU


Now there are 4 fans instead of the usual 2 at the doorway! This is the New Jessop rake introduced by CR. The non-functional tubelights seen in the picture are the Emergency lamps which light up when the OHE supply fails.


Interiors of the First Class coach, of the Newly introduced Jessop Rake on the Thane-Vashi section of Central Railway.


The new Rake - other end! Jessop built Driving cab #329 at Thane. The rake just pulled into Thane and was waiting to depart as the 16:05 train towards Vashi.


A Comparision between the single-piece windshield rakes of ICF (right) and Jessop (left), run by Central Railway in Mumbai. The ICF one is an AC-DC rake while the Jessop one is pure-DC. Look at the fixing of the wind-shield, and the positioning of horns.