Electric Multiple Units

Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) from IR's suburban services

Date: 2003-03-31
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The consequences of a bus strike. Photo by S.V. Sriram, Jan. 2002


MG rails being removed


OHE work for the BG tracks


Earthwork for the BG tracks


For number-crunchers, an 80 series CR EMU at Kurla. Photo by Rajendra Aklekar, February 2003.


The ghost of Vikravandi: This is all what is left at Vikravandi. The last EMU unit waiting the axe. Onboard 103 passenger from Chennai to Pondicherry, 2007-07-15, Sandeep Sreedharan

mongpu 041

Near she comes.. This is the Sealdah bound YZZS#60045. GEDE-SDAH EMU moves into Kalyani. All the Jessop YZZS rakes are numbered from 60000+. Anamitra

mongpu 039

Suburban blues captured.. The Jessop built brand new YZZS#60050 bangs into Kalyani Pf#1. The whole rake was shiny with a smell of paints. Anamitra

mongpu 033

Up RHA Local entering the loop of Kalyani PF#1. This is a conventional design EMU rake from ICF/BEML


The Bangaon-Sealdah Local entering Dum Dum Jn. 2005-05. Pulastya Parekh.


The Kurla-Dadar local with a 8 km run, one of the most odd EMUs that I've ever seen. A few north-bound classmates from SIES college would travel south to get seats on this one. Matunga, Mumbai, 7/20/2005. Sundar "nut".


Two Cnennai MRTS trains at Tirumaylai station. Tirumaylai, 2004-12-18. By Jimmy Jose.


An EMU with people travelling on top. Kopar Road Bridge (Dombivilli); 2005-07-16, by Jimmy Jose / Sandeep Mohan


A soon to disappear MG EMU enters the platform at Egmore station at the end of its run from Tambaram. Chennai, 2004-01. By Shanx.