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LHB Carriages
Album: LHB Carriages

Images of LHB carriages

RDSO Track Recording Car
Album: RDSO Track Recording Car
Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
Album: Royal Rajasthan on Wheels
The Great Side Middle Berth Debate
Album: The Great Side Middle Berth Debate
Tourist Trains
Album: Tourist Trains
LHB Self-generating Rake
Album: LHB Self-generating Rake
Carriage Interiors
Album: Carriage Interiors

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LHB Rake Views
Album: LHB Rake Views

Views of the Rajdhani LHB rake. Also exterior shots of the older LHB rake.

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Album: LHB Carriages

Photographs of the new LHB (formerly Alstom) coaches. The first of these were received by IR in 2000 and were used for the Swarna Shatabdi. Since then, RCF has undertaken production of more of these light-weight, ergonomically designed coaches.

Fantasy liveries
Album: Fantasy liveries

Imagined liveries for coaches, by
IRFCA members.


MG and BG coaches parked outside Izzatnagar workshops after their POH. The MG coaches on flat beds are destined for ECR's Narkatiaganj section. (Vishnu Nath)

abhishek kashyap ydm4

'RE' class coach of MG as Mobile Training Car 'सचल प्रशिक्षण यान (C&W समाडि) at some last days of MG at Bareilly-City.
Other details are:-
Base- Bareilly Junction BRY (that has been already closed for MG some months back)
Tare Wt:-...

Abhishek Kashyap trAinmAn

'Flipping and mounting back'
as '15310 Rohilkhand Express' arrived at Izzatnagar from Aishbagh, C&W staff person flipped destination board and mounted it back at same place for '15315-up GOKUL EXPRESS' from Izzatnagar to GONDA, as these both premium


Basking in the sun...
DDN-KCVL Weekly SF waiting to cross Mumbai bound Janshatabdi Exp on PF-1 at Ratnagiri.Surprisingly this train does not have commercial halt at RN. (Pratik Joshi)

Abhishek Kashyap IZN YDM4

'The Magical Pink'
Rarest rolling stock from MG its A-1 and F-1 (AC-Sleeper and First-Class respectively)Coaches of 'Nainital Express' resting at a siding on north end of Bareilly-City [BC] yard in noon for a long overnight journey of approx 350...