Terms for Submitting Material

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The following rules cover all material submitted by anyone for use on the IRFCA.org web site. Submissions include any material (including but not limited to text, images, videos, audio files, documents, computer programs, computer data, or artwork) in any format, submitted in any manner (including but not limited to gallery uploads, file transfer, e-mail, forum posts, article submissions, blog posts, wiki editing, interaction with programs on the IRFCA.org site (e.g., the locomotive database application), facsimile, postal mail, telephone, text messages or instant messages, etc.).

Copyright, Permissions, Liability

By submitting any image, video, text, or other material here, you are certifying that you own the copyright for the material or have secured written permission from the copyright owner for submitting the material to this web site. You also certify that the material is not proprietary information, a trade secret, or confidential or secret material that is not available for or suitable for public dissemination. You take full responsibility for all violations of copyright law, of laws governing trade secrets and proprietary information, and of laws governing classified or secret material, or of any laws related to the publication or dissemination of material deemed inappropriate, obscene, or illegal in any jurisdiction applicable, where such violations are caused by your submission of material to this web site. The maintainers of this web site are not liable for copyright violations, violations of laws governing trade secrets or proprietary information, or any other laws governing publication or dissemination of inappropriate or illegal content, caused by the submission of material to this web site. The maintainers of this web site at their sole discretion may at any time refuse to display material, or remove previously displayed material that they deem is inappropriate. You also certify that the material is not subject to payment of any license or royalty fees, rental or sale charges, etc. The maintainers of this web site do not accept liability for payments of any kind for the material, including fees or charges for licences, royalties, rental, lease, sale, etc.

In all cases you or the owner of the material retain copyright to the material you submit, and as far as possible the material will be attributed to you. Please contact the maintainers at webmaster@irfca.org with any inquiries about the use of your material.

You also certify that you understand that by submitting any material to this web site (IRFCA.org) you are making it available to the general public and that your material may be downloaded by anybody from the web site. The maintainers of this web site (IRFCA.org) are not liable for any misuse or copyright violation carried out by any third parties who happen to download material from this web site or who obtain it from any transmittal of the material to mailing lists or publication in any medium.

See the legal information page for more details on copyright and related matters. If you notice any material on this web site that is used without permission or is misattributed, please let us know at webmaster@irfca.org. Copyright owners or their authorized representatives should notify us of copyright infringement in the format prescribed by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 1998, of the USA, if they wish to ask that any material claimed to be theirs is to be removed from the site. The address webmaster@irfca.org may also be used for notifying the maintainers of this site of any material that is alleged to be illegal, offensive, defamatory, or libellous.

Licence to Publish

By submitting any material you are also granting IRFCA.org permission and perpetual (but non-exclusive) licence to make it available to the general public and use it in any manner on the IRFCA.org web site, in the picture gallery, or on other sections of the site, in its original form or transformed or edited in any way. You are also giving IRFCA.org permission to transmit the material in its original form or after editing and transformations, by electronic mail, postal mail, facsimile, or any other means to mailing lists, discussion forums, or to any specific individuals whether or not affiliated to IRFCA and the IRFCA.org web site; and to archive, store, copy, circulate, or re-publish it in any medium including but not limited to print and electronic media, in original form or after editing and transformation.

In particular, material submitted to this web site may be distributed to mailing lists or discussion forums reasonably connected with topics of railways (e.g., any mailing list of the Indian Steam Railway Society, mailing lists on IR modelling, etc.). Re-publication or distribution of your material outside the IRFCA.org web site and railfanning mailing lists or discussion forums will occur only in cases where, in the judgement of the webmasters, such publication or distribution aids in spreading information on railway topics to railfans, furthers the cause of the hobby of railfanning, or where the parties who will further re-publish or distribute the material are serving the railfan community in a bonafide manner. For instance, if a railfan group asks for permission to host a copy of a photograph from the IRFCA site on their own web site, we will generally allow it. Likewise, if an online encyclopaedia or a print magazine requests some material for an article on railways we will generally allow it. In all cases we will attempt to get your permission specifically before allowing such republication by third parties, but we cannot always reach the submitters of material because of invalid e-mail addresses or other problems. We will not seek any payments from third parties for such republication.

Editing and Modification of Submissions

Please note that any material submitted to the site may be edited, annotated, compressed, resized, cropped, restyled, processed, re-formatted, or generally modified in any way for placement on various web pages on this site or for publication elsewhere. Text captions may be embedded in the material itself in some cases. In some cases the images or videos may be manipulated to improve the quality for presentation. The material may be presented with hyperlinks to or from other sections of the site and may be placed along with other images, videos, or text on the site at the discretion of the site maintainers.

Thank you for your submissions!