Railfanning at SC

by Vrijilesh Rai


After a long long time, SC railfans gathered for a small meet at SC. Myself, Lakshman, Aditya, PVS Praveen Kumar and Roopesh Kohad met up.

Aditya picked me up enroute to SC, and the meeting spot was the platform 2 KZJ end at 1615 hrs at the loco of 7054 HYB-MAS exp. We reached the Bhoiguda side of SC (pf 10 end) and walked upto the HYB end noting the locos, and as we entered, Narayandri exp rake was on pf9. That was a surprise, as the train generally goes from pf2. An announcement was soon made about the impending arrival of 7054 from HYB on pf1 (instead of normal pf2).

And as we walked towards pf1, 20004 WDP4 led 7054 exp sped onto road no 1. Literally sped. We then saw the cause of pf change.. tiling work was on on pf2, making it unusable. We walked on pf3 towards the KZJ end looking at a KJM WDM2 which had brought in a few newly IOHed coaches from the LGD workshops. Incidently, this KJM loco had no markings of KHM, although SWR / da-pa-ra was written on either side of the cab. PVS was already at the 'spot' and we chatted up. A regular assortment of activity was up at SC: regular shuntings in the yard, Falaknuma rake brought to pf5, Satavahana awaiting green, MMTS rakes ready for action and their ilk. Also, a 3 coach track recording rake, one coach of which was in Karnavati Livery, being led by a KZJ diesel also strolled thru pf2.

At 1625, 7054 was given the go, and the loco whirred to life and sped away. 'Mamu' Lakshman joined us just as 7054 left, and we then took off towards pf7, where a MLY and a KZJ Raj livery WDM2 locos were awaiting us. Soon, a KZJ alco brought in the rake for Visaka exp to pf3 (instead of regular pf1), and an MLY loco got attached to it, coming in straight from the shed. At 1710hrs, the Visaka flew off. Another rake, this time of a SC-HWH special, was being shunted into the yard by the same KZJ loco. The rake of 7085 SC-SBC exp was brought onto pf8, and another WDP4 was attached to it. The scene was great. On pf 8, was 7085 and on pf9 was 7424 Narayanadri, both with WDP4 originals, both LHF.

Myself, PVS and Aditya left SC to have a snack while Laksh wanted to stay put not wanting to let go of his beloved.. trains!!

By the time we were back, Narayanadri had just left, and even the KCG-MMR exp was gone. Soon the Repalle passenger came in led by a WDM2. It had a VB liveried coach.. AB now, but awaiting a paint job.. 80503AB. This train shares rake with Warangal Fast passenger, which left soon, led by the latest LGD boy, 22606. The East Coast exp, arrived soon after led by a BZA WAM4. Then it was time for the 7085 exp to go. The chief blasted the ears of all people in Secunderabad area with incessant honking while leaving, and as the 6th coach passed, the train was already touching 35-40kmph. An MMTS local was arriving into SC pf10 from KCG at the same speed.

Then, we were awaiting the SBC Raj and the GKP-SBC exp. On pf1, Padmavati SF to TPTY departed with a BZA WAM4. Soon the latter arrived led by an ET WAM4 6P E. It would change traction to a GY WDM3A from here to SBC. We walked onto pf3, where Raj arrived 15mins in the arrears. Just before that, a MLY diesel had brought in the Nagarjuna exp onto pf4, as the rake of Gautami exp was shunted onto pf1 as soon as the HYB-KZJ passenger MEMU left. Soon after Raj arrived, AP arrived on pf10 and the DNC-MBNR-SC passenger, one of the last remaining VB trains on SCR got onto pf8.

It was time to leave, and as Roopesh was feeling hungry, we decided to try out the various biryanis at the famous Paradise restaurant in Secunderabad. Bidding goodbyes then, we were back to our homes..

At SC, we chatted up with some drivers and maintenance personnel and other officials, where we got to know a lot of news, esp abt WDP4s.

Following locos were spotted:

  • 16684 KZJ WDM2A
  • 14039 GY WDM3A Baldie
  • 14040 GY WDM3A Baldie
  • 16579 KZJ WDM2
  • 22257 LGD WAP4
  • 21231 BZA WAM4
  • 20328 BZA WAM4
  • 16600 KZJ WDM2
  • 20004 UBL WDP4
  • 16862 KJM WDM2
  • 22312 LGD WAP4
  • 14007 VSKP WDM3A Baldie
  • 22606 LGD WAP4
  • 20001 UBL WDP4
  • 20009 UBL WDP4
  • 17214 MLY WDM2A
  • 17508 KZJ WDM2 Raj Livery
  • 17589 MLY WDM2
  • 14021 GY WDM3A Baldie
  • 17780 KZJ WDM2A
  • 18981 KZJ WDM2
  • 21322 BZA WAM4
  • 21373 ET WAM4
  • 18978 MLY WDM2B The first MLY 2B i've seen
  • 17696 PA WDM3A

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