Trip to HYB Loco Trip Shed

by Shashanka Nanda


Recently the HYB gang visited the electric loco trip shed. The technicians there were kind enough to allow us a visit,and provided us a guided tour of not only the shed, but also a fully detailed explanation about the workings of a WAP4.

We were shown inside the cab of the loco, the controls were explained in full detail. We were then led inside the HT (high tension) compartment of the loco and showed each and every part which makes the machine tick.

For those who havent seen the insides the of the HT compartment in a loco (I hadnt , till this day ) look inside explains, why it takes such a long time to build a loco. Damn its a really complex piece of machinery. Me being no Electric Engineer, can't really explain everything except for the very basic stuff about transformers, DJs, bushes, resistors etc.

After that we were shown a basic tutorial on how to drive a WAP4 :o), yeah how to switch it on....forward it, reverse it...apply brakes and stuff.

The WAP4 cab is really cramped, & not very ergonomics, almost all controls for both driver and asst. are offset from the buttrest (its an offense to call that thing a seat ), which basically means for most controls, the drivers have to get up and reach out. Also, the seat height is very low, I am about 5'11 (178cm) tall and sitting on it, the near visibility was really poor. Another thing...the loco belonged to NR and true to pakka northie style, it had dark solar car film on the top 20% of the windscreen :o)

Then we went inside the shed, where another P4 was standing on the pit lines for minor repairs, and we were invited to climb on TOP of the loco...yes u'r right i'm saying to climb on TOP of the loco, inspite of the OHE....well it had been earthed so the last section of the OHE was dead, so we clambered on top of the loco, had a look at the pantograph mechanism etc. we even touched the OHE :o) and I am still here to tell u about it ...I raised & lowered the panto with my own hands..yeah and believe me, its not a small job..its damn heavy

Climbing down, we went under the loco and have a good look at the Traction motors etc. A single TM is probably heavier than a small hatchback....the fun didnt stop there...we were shown around the yard a bit..and me and gautam even threw a switch...

The Charminar Exp departed around then and I took shots of it from across the yard..under the wheels of another rake being shunted around.... leaving the station, we guys went out with the techinicians to have a cold drink...after which we came back to the station and we were offered a ride in the HYB-KZJ MEMU...and ofcourse we accpeted...the driver of the MEMU that day was actaully a SF driver, who was driving it for road practice....we bid goodbyes to the shed staff and hopped on

The MEMU is a cool machine, built by RCF kapurthala, it can rocket to 100kmph from rest in under 40 secs on level track...we went in it uptill Maula Ali and even went thru the neutral zone outside SC...and had a good look at the procedures followed in a neutral zone.

Getting down at MLY, we thanked the driver profusely..and with ear to ear grins platered on our faces, we made our way home....

whatta day....

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