by Maheedhar

August, 2004

I had been recently on a trip of Bangalore - Vijayawada - Bangalore trip to attend a function at Vijayawada.

SBC-BZA(26th August, 2004)

Onward journey was by 8564 SBC-VSKP Prashanthi express. My office is very close to Cantonment and hence decided to board it at Cantonment (BNC). Some last minute work meant I could reach Cantonment only at 14.00hrs and missed catching up on karnataka, CBE-LTT exp and seshadri express. Anyway as soon as I reached cantonment I found that Prashanthi is 45 minutes late and will arrive at 14.55hrs. This is a big surprise as in my last 4 yrs of Prashanthi it was always on time at BNC. Maybe some loco failure I thought, with only Brindavan left I was prepared for painful 45 minutes wait.

Raj liveried KZJ WDM2A#16501 was idling on the middle line. I think this loco will haul the evening SBC Rajadhani from SBC to SC. I have seen this loco hauling the Raj at YPR last week.

Brindavan came on time at 14.40 and left headed by a ED WAP4 22550.

Our Prashanthi finally came in at 15.20. When the train first appeared on the scene, still some distance from platform, I saw a GTL WDM2 with some other engine behind. So I thought this must be it, GY WDM3A which is regular with this train has a problem and hence it along with train is hauled by a GTL WDM2. But to my pleasant surprise, the engine behind was also a GTL WDM2(18416 and 18917) alive. I was completely thrilled as my long-standing wish of dual-headed is coming true(my only other experience was with ashram from ADI to JP, but that was mostly in night). All my frustration of having to wait for 1.5 hrs vanished in a moment seeing this. Coach composition was 1SLR+2GS+2 3A+ 10 SL+ 2GS + 1 SLR. Anyway we started from BNC after a couple of minutes halt and what a run it was after that. Pure high speed diesel action aided by traffic controllers, who gave full respect to dual WDM2s, by not making Prashanthi wait for any train. Train was regularly doing above 100+ all the way. The pickup is amazing, very similar to a WAP4 pickup. Hindupuram was reached at 16.40, DMM at 18.30, ATP at 19.30 and GY at 20.20. By the time we reached GY most of the time was made up.

On the way at DMM spotted a freighter hauled by a orange liveried 13053 shakti, coupled to a light green 13054. I couldn't find any shed markings. Are they from Pune shed??

After we reached GY our twin GTL locos, which did a tremendous job and made up most of the lost time, were removed and GY WDM3A #18899R in original DCW colours was attached. Here were the spottings at GY

1.Lone WDG4 #12052. Many WDG4 hauled freighters before and after GY

2.Baldie GY WDM3A #14033 in native GY livery and GY WDM3C #18893R in original DCW livery were coupled and idling. Can someone tell me what this WDM3c is?

We started from GY at 20.45 and reached GTL at 21.15 after another high speed run. Though peak speed was high, the pickup of single WDM3A was no way near to the pickup of twin GTL WDM2s.

After GTL went to catch some sleep only to wake up at guntur next-day morning at 5.30AM. Falukunuma came in at 6.00(I think hauled by 14090 VSKP WDM2C, but I am not sure) and we departed immediately. Departure from Guntur was bang on time, but reaching BZA was delayed due to innumerable number of halts after Krishna Canal Jn. The section was so busy that at one time there were two trains standing just 100 metres apart on the bridge over Krishna river. Finally reached BZA late by 15 minutes.

BZA-SBC(29th august)

Return Journey was by 8415 BBS-YPR express. This is a very good convenient train in the return direction as it comes on sunday night 21.00hrs at BZA and reaches Krishnarajapuram next day by 9.45AM. It came into BZA 30 minutes late probably due to the crowded Vijayawada station due to the many pushkaram specials. Loco was AJJ WAM4D-6P#20503. Slept as soon as we crossed Tenali Jn. Next day woke up and found that our train was right on time. At JTJ WAM4 gave way to KJM WDM3A#14082. Initially when this train was introduced it used to get KJM WDM3A, but last 2-3 months it was getting only a KJM WDM2. Looks like now it got back to WDM3A. Departed from JTJ at 7.30AM. At Kuppam waited for 20 minutes for a crossing with Lalbagh hauled by ED WAP4(probably #22580, but not sure) and after a non-stop run, reached KJM at 9.45AM.

Thanks for reading my first trip report.


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