Varanasi - Mughalsarai - Allahabad

by I. S. Anand


Hi All,

Left mumbai on 2001-10-22 by 2165 Ratnagiri .

Left on time, and till Allahabad, we were early at every major halt by 45 minutes !!! Reached Varanasi 45mins. late...!!!!!!!

At Igatpuri WAM-4 of Itarsi shed took over.

AT Bhusaval, to my right saw a No. of Diesels, most WDM2s, including one 'JUMBO" in old brown livery..!! These were stabled just at the side of the platforms, to my right while proceeding from Mumbai.

The Elec. loco shed had the uisual complement of WAM-4s & WAP-4s.

At Itarsi too, it was the same story of the WAM & WAP-4s, and the WDM2s. WDM2CA hauled us from Itarsi.

Shri Venkat- "LALIRAM", was there to meet us, and spent the next 5 days with us...!!

Wednesday 2001-01-25, saw a visit to DLW. Very neat, nothing spectacular, maybe because of Dussehra and less activity.

Saw some WDG-2s in Assembly stage. WDM2s for Bangladesh, looking Elegant in Blues with Twin headlamps were getting readied in the Paint shop. Some special paints were being possibly tried on, as some Personnel, belonging to some Paint Co. with 'LOMOL" labels, were trying something..

Visit was short and sweet.

Got info that WDM-4s for Scrap were in MGS>....

Dashed off to MGS, but were mighty disappointed as NO WDM-4s were noticed...!!!

Saw WDM-2s of various sheds, in various liveries..!! MEMU for GAYA was just leaving...

Was lucky to catch WAP-4 and WAG-9 in the distance, in parallel. WAp-4 was light, while WAG-9 with coal load, was proceeding in Kolkata direction.

Info elicited that the WDM-4s were in Lucknow, awaiting the cutters torch. By luck, was told, that one was in Varanasi itself...!!!!

27/10 saw us in Allahabad Jtn. Beautiful...

Parade of WDM-2s, WDS-4s, Self-propelled DMU maintenance Unit, all posing in Tandem, with the Elec shed, right next, with again WAMs, WAP-4s and a solitary WAP-5...

Bad luck had forgotten the Camera...!!!!!

On 2001-10-28 to Varanasi again, and Lo and Behold the GREAT WDM-4 18009, stabled in a dead siding with WDM2C(spick and Span) and with CRLy. '"JUMBO", for company all 3...!!!! A great and terrific sgiht.

WDM-4 in UTTER smashed up condition... Tears streaming for me and SV, also a great lover of WDM-4, many Historic shots were taken, both Inside and Outside the loco.....

Fond farewell with a heavy heart was bade to 18009...

The trip as otherwise, had the usual qouta of sight-seeing trains, which not being any special, I am not mentioning..

Shri. SV., please fill in any omissions by me.

Saw too many Fantastic Bridges, especially the one on the Ganga in Benares, the Road over Rail, the Allahabad one and the Narmada ones near Jabalpur..

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