Visit to Sainagar

by Abhishek Tamhankar


Myself, Pradeep Galgali, Shantanu Kulkarni, Sriram, Bhushan Kale and Nikhil Karunakaran did a one day trip to Sainagar Shirdi by the holiday special 0137 Mumbai-Sainagar Shirdi Jan Shatabdi express on 17th april.

Tickets were already booked in advance and we were in D1 coach.

We assembled at kalyan in the morning at 7am on PF #4. Reservation charts showed that almost all the passengers upto SNSI (Sainagar Shirdi) with a couple of them getting down at Nasik Rd.

0137 as usual arrived late on PF # 5 at 7:40 am. Actual dep time is 7:20ish right behind kashi express. Our coach almost got full at kalyan. we settled down as we had two window seats. A late running Indore-Pune express behind a WCAM1 arrived on PF # 6. Meanwhile 2127 ICE passed from PF # 4. we got the starter at 7:50 and slowely joined the NE line.

Due to the derailment of the Garib Rath express between kalyan and shahad, we had to observe a TSR of 20. After that the kyn shakti picked up speed and we were cruising along nicely.

TTE came and checked the tickets. He was rather surprised by seeing our return ticket for the same day. He asked how is it possible to take the Darshan at the Sai Baba Temple within 4 hrs.

Pantry of this train is not so good with only samosas and idlis being served. Bread-cutlets ran out of stock as pradeep had the last one, while we relished on hot samosas. On asking to the PC staff if lunch would be available he said that lunch is not served. The occupance of this train was somewhere around 100 passengers per trip till 17th april. That is the reason why limited quantity of food was loaded. This is as per the PC staff.

We overtook the 1353 BSL passenger at Khadavli. Reached Kasara at 8:50. Twin WAG7 were attached as bankers and were started climbing the thull ghats. At Igatpuri, Kashi express was waiting. We thought since this is a JS, it would be allowed to go ahead but the kashi was cleared and we waited for another 10 minutes.At Igatpuri we had some wada pavs, Bhaji, Cucumber etc.

Departed IGP. The ELS was all full of WAP4 WAM4 locos mainly from BSL. A blood red SRC WAP4 also seen. Now we were running 30 minutes late and the shakti was best to recover the lost time. Just before NK we were made to halt for more than 15 minutes and then we entered PF # 1. Kashi express was standing on PF # 2 and here also it was allowed to move ahead.. The wait continued and announcement for the late running 2859dn Geetanjali was made.It arrived on PF # 2. Now were were sure that 0137 will be trailing 2859.

We departed NK but after this the run was superb till MMR outer where again we were made to wait as the platforms were occupied by the late running Vasco bound Goa Express followed by the 2142 Patna Mumbai.

After 2142 passed us were taken in to the PF. I do not remember the number of Platform. Spotted a Burdwan disel loco.

A 20 min halt and were moving towards our destination without a reversal at MMR. We were put on the SCR line. The run till kanhegaon was uneventfull. But here we were made to halt for the NDLS bound KK express to cross over.

Arrived Puntamba Jn at around 13:40 hrs and joined the line towards shirdi. Reached SNSI (shirdi) at 14:15 hrs. Took a six-seater to the temple which is around 2kms from the station.

Had a good darshan in 30 minutes and feasted at a Udupi Hotel.The time was 16.00 hrs and we had to catch the 0138 JS back to kyn.

Reached the stn where Shirdi-Cst fast passenger was parked on PF#1 Sch dep was 16:40 and on the same platform was our 0138 behind the passenger. The passenger moved exactly on time.

In the return journey also, our coach was D1.we started on time at 17:25 and reached MMR at about 18:45. since no dinner was available on board we decided to pack some thing to eat at manmad itself.

We got some really good quality packed food. The dinner was from Radhika Veg Restaurant which was available at the station canteen costing Rs 70 each. It had Bundi Raita, 2chapatis, bhendi fry, jeera rice, dal, 1 rasgoola, onion, lemon and cucumber. Really yummy food.

We finished the food before NK itself.

After that could not do much spottings.

Finally reached kalyan at 23:00.

Thus a long but a fruitfull journey came to an end.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Other members who were present in this trip can add the points which I have missed out.

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