Kankavli To Kalyan by 2617

by Abhishek Tamhankar


Had been to Kankavli on 28th march by 2051 and return by 2617 on 29th march.

Left my home from Bagayat, a small village,some 20KM from Kankavli as early as 4am. At this time one will not get any mode of transport to get to the bus stand or the railway stn. If one has to do then he needs to book a rick a day earlier.But I had no problems as my wife’s brother came to drop me to Kankavli on his bike.

During the 20km run from the village we did not cross a single vehicle. At last we reached KKW stn sharp at 4:50 am. The dep of 2617 was at 5:43 am and so we had ample time. My ticket status was WL 16 at the time of booking but got confirmed. Coach was S2, berth # 32.

At the station, there is a separate counter for the tickets for 2617.One will not get the tickets at the main booking counter as it opens somewhere after 6. We reached the platform and announcement was made for the 6337 Okha Ers express which was arriving shortly. It was hauled by a ERS WDM3A. Many passengers got down at Kankavli. This train was taken on PF # 1, as a track maintenance vehicle had occupied PF#2.After a 5 min hault 6337 departed and the track maintenance vehicle left towards RN side..

My coach was 4th from the loco.2617 was on time and came behind a ERS WDM2B . The door of my coach was locked from inside and had to request a passenger to open it who was occupying the TTE seat. To my surprise the coach had SMB’s and since it was early morning time all the passengers were fast asleep. Finally came near my berth but it had already been occupied by the other passenger who was sleeping. Thought, I would not disturb him/her and settled in the other bay which had a side lower berth empty and it was with an emergency window.

The run was not so good till Vaibhavwadi where we had to halt for a BCNA train to cross over and was hauled by twin ED WDG3a. After Vaibhavwadi Rd we picked up speed and were heading really fast towards Ratnagirr but had to again wait at Vilavde for 0111 dn to cross. After a 5 min halt started. Now the PC guys were busy serving morning breakfast, tea etc.

Ratnagiri was reached at 7:45 am and after halting for 10 min were departed. I had Upma Vada for breakfast. The Pantry car of 2617 is not as good as 2051 or 0111. In the whole of the journey from Kankavli to Kalyan, meduvada and chutney was served only twice and other food items available were only wafers and Kerela Halwa.

Chiplun arrived at 9:20 am and we were again waiting for the 2051 JS to arrive. We were taken on PF # 2 and JS arrived on PF#1. Could not spot the loco as there was a goods train standing in between. As soon as the JS arrived we got the starter.

At Mangaon, 0103 Mandovi Express was waiting for us behind a WDP4. We were made to halt at Roha for our pairing 2618 to cross. Does both these trains have a halt Technical/Commercial halt at Roha?

Here I had three Vada pav for Rs 10. Lunch was being served somewhere near Apta. The menu was as usual Sambar Rice, Veg Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Egg Biryani and Roti Rice and Sabji. I had not ordered anything.

Reached Panvel exactly at 12:50 pm on PF#2. Soon, the 6345 LTT-TVC Netravathi Express arrived behind a WDM3D. We departed at 13:00 hrs and the run was very slow. We were made to halt at Taloja and Navde Rd. Crossed Dativli and joined the line towards Kalyan at a speed of 20kmph. After that without stopping reached kalyan at 13:55.

I wanted to confirm if there was a crew change for 2617 but my bad luck and i was stopped by the policeman to check the bags so could not see if the crew change happening. Does it happens at Kalyan or at Igatpuri.

I climbed the Kasara side FOB and was waiting for the CST bound emu but since it was a Sunday and thanks to the MegaBlock most of the locals remain canceled or are running late. Meanwhile the starter was given for the 2617 and it moved with a looooong hoot but stopped due to chain pulling just after crossing the starter signal.

It was 14:05 and announcement was made for the CST bound emu to arrive on PF # 3. I took the EMU and reached my home shed DI (Dombivli).

Hope you liked the report.

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