Patiala State Monorail Tramway

The Patiala State Monorail Tramway is a unique part of Indian railway history. Don Dickens, an IRFCA member, maintained a web site on this unusual railway for many years. Researching the Patiala Monorail system and maintaining his website on it was one of Mr Dickens' greatest loves. Mr Dickens passed away on September 24, 2003. His website is reproduced here by permission.

Note on historical accuracy: The article is shown here exactly as it was on Don Dickens' own web site — no changes have been made to the content. The information in the article should not, however, be relied upon to be historically correct. When it was written, it was as far as Mr Dickens knew correct. However, further research into the PSMT has been carried out since Mr Dickens died, which calls into question some of his conclusions and adds new information to the line's history. For a comprehensively updated account of the history of the PSMT, please read The Patiala State Monorail Tramway - A Reappraisal.

Follow the link below to reach Mr Dickens' article.

Patiala State Monorail Tramway by Don Dickens