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Wonderful set of images! Appreciate the huge efforts needed to photograph all these trains in difficult conditions.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2013 Jul 01 08:34:20 +0100
Each image in this album is excellent. Hats off to your efforts in getting these images in such heavy rain, great work!
Posted by Abhinav Bhattacharjee on 2013 Jul 01 16:46:32 +0100
Awesome album. Best album on Konkan. And you have braved all the rain for these pics!!
Posted by Jimmy Jose on 2013 Jul 01 17:49:33 +0100
AMAZING album! Each image is breathtaking, and thank you for the wonderful effort!
Posted by Parthasarathi on 2013 Jul 02 04:01:40 +0100
Excellent picture this all set of pics reminds me my KR trip which i did last year at Honnavar , Sharavti bridges , kumta & Panval viaduct.
Posted by Raj Bhavsar on 2013 Jul 02 11:25:15 +0100
Posted by Kunal Doddanavar on 2013 Jul 02 15:24:46 +0100
It's a treat to watch this stuff!!!
Posted by Chitrarth Parghi on 2013 Jul 02 16:54:59 +0100
what a fantastic album! loved each and every pic...someday would love to click pictures as good as these...
Posted by Pramit Mitra on 2013 Jul 03 19:17:18 +0100
Fabulous album! wonderful pics!!!
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2013 Jul 04 07:23:02 +0100
A superb album indeed. Kudos for the absolutely fantastic effort!
Posted by Gautam on 2013 Jul 05 02:22:36 +0100
It takes some effort to capture trains in monsoon. Protecting the camera & above all yourself takes a lot of care and I hope you did take care because all your effort have resulted in some really picturesque images worth putting in a poster. Kudos
Posted by Trayambak Ojha on 2013 Jul 05 09:08:36 +0100
Thank you all for liking my album and for your kind and encouraging words. It means a lot to me. Hope do to better next time.
Posted by Syed Zohaib on 2013 Jul 09 10:39:05 +0100
What a brilliant collection of images! Hats off to your efforts and bravado in bearing the monsoon fury to capture these wonderful pictures. Superb effort!
Posted by Pawan Koppa on 2013 Jul 10 07:34:41 +0100
Great album. It was worth taking risks to get such great shots.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2013 Jul 14 03:54:53 +0100
Wow !! Each photo in this album is a treat. Kudos to your efforts
Posted by Sunil Shukla on 2013 Jul 14 08:20:08 +0100