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The partly hidden loco is a WAP-1
Posted by Aravind S on 2012 Aug 02 13:43:27 +0100
Gr8 job,would like to do a trip with u sachin
Posted by shailendra (guest) on 2010 Jan 29 13:00:14 +0000
Marvellous work by you Sachin and also good engineering work one by Britishers.
Posted by Manmeet Singh Mahajan (guest) on 2009 Jun 17 10:47:34 +0100
Just wish some of this rain blesses us here at Pune sometime soon ;-)
Posted by Kharad Zarir Variyava on 2008 May 07 12:17:35 +0100
Elementary, my dear Colin...that's the 3AC of the Prasanthi and I'm on my way back from BBS to SBC. Same afternoon I left for MAS at 15:00. Had to take this detour due to a dearth of tickets to MAS directly.
Posted by Bizzy Mishra on 2008 May 06 06:25:38 +0100
Bizzy,This is a 3AC coach i think!!
Which link is this and where were you heading.
Posted by Colin Peter on 2008 May 05 20:01:57 +0100
Posted by Guest on 2008 Mar 31 18:49:22 +0100
Picture 012mod
I've checked out, and earmarked Manas Resort for a visit on my next trip to India! So thanks for this inspiring photo.
Posted by John Lacey on 2007 Mar 23 12:37:42 +0000
Picture 012mod
Lovely picture. This Manas Resorts looks like an ideal venue for a future IRFCA convention!
Posted by Mohan Bhuyan on 2007 Mar 15 14:13:10 +0000
Picture 012mod
Nice snap. And good job with the touch-up, Apu.
Posted by Gautam on 2007 Mar 14 01:39:42 +0000