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The Paul Claxton Collection
Epic set of Pictures!!!
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2020 May 20 08:24:17 +0100
Brindavan Express - Golden Jubilee Year Celebrations
Great collection guys.
Posted by Karthik Abbilash on 2020 Apr 11 02:47:24 +0100
Posted by Anubhab Dey on 2019 May 04 13:27:05 +0100
Class apart!
Posted by Siddhartha Ganesh on 2019 Feb 05 07:19:45 +0000
Highest Point on Jabalpur - Nainpur - Balaghat section just after Ghunsore on Balaghat - Jabalpur Section (Ammar Rizvi)
A very good "informative" catch.
Posted by V. Srinavasa Prasad on 2018 Nov 08 15:38:50 +0000
abhishek kashyap izn
Wow Excellent Capture
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2018 Feb 16 06:01:22 +0000
Train No 58861 Jabalpur - Balaghat N.G. passenger negotiating on the Curve before Shikara on Balaghat - Jabalpur Section (Ammar
great capture of the NG train
Posted by Vivian Boye on 2017 Apr 02 04:23:21 +0100
Abhishek Kashyap Shahjahanpur MG
never got to see this view from BG side
Posted by Aseem Johri on 2016 Dec 20 01:20:52 +0000
2117 Dn LTT-MMR godavari exp. with lovely WCAM-3 on KALOO viaduct near TITWALA stn. (dp)
A stone viaduct and a cantilevered type !Does it has anything to do with oldest alignments and newer alignments on Thull Ghat.?Amazing Catch!
Posted by Siddhesh Bhore-Thull (guest) on 2016 Dec 13 17:04:25 +0000
1 week in India
Thanks for taking us with you on this journey. Nice collection of photos!
Posted by Shirish Paranjape on 2016 Nov 17 05:51:52 +0000