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can anyone confirm if this device is operational at present for pythons or any other MUed formation?
Posted by Nirav Gala on 2014 Jul 12 19:58:46 +0100
@Vishnu Nath - That red color Antenna is installed to the locomotives for wireless control of multiple unit locomotives.
It will help to eliminate the use of MU cable used between locomotives to control multiple units. The whole system is known as LOCOTROL.
It will help specially the python rakes which have locomotives in the middle of the formation.
I have seen this device from 2010 onwards on WDM3D locos, but I don't think that these antennas are in regular use as MU cable are still in wide spread use.
Posted by Abhinav Phangcho Choudhury on 2014 Jul 08 08:05:03 +0100
Initial loco monitoring system modules made by Medha used a whip-type antenna. However they feel out of favour because they were thought to infringe on the normal SOD and were replaced with this design as well. There is a MLY WDG3A pair which have the same antennae for distributed power control trials in SC-Wadi section. I wanted to confirm on what these antennae were for but there wasn't a LP/shunter nearby.
Posted by R Viswa Chandra on 2014 Jul 07 23:21:17 +0100
i saw this very thing on KYN WDM3Ds and when enquired with the LPs they said it's remote diagnosis of locos! a new trial carried out MEDHA!
Posted by Pratik Shetty on 2014 Jul 07 17:57:15 +0100
Can any body please elaborate on the exact use of this device ? I have similar red color antennas on LDH and TKD diesels also, that too old ones.
Posted by Vishnu Nath on 2014 Jul 07 13:18:49 +0100
P1000719 - Copy
I second Trayambak
Posted by Deep Soni on 2014 May 28 16:32:03 +0100
P1000719 - Copy
Lovely image. The melancholy of the bygone era is well created
Posted by Trayambak Ojha on 2014 May 27 16:52:57 +0100
IR Illustrations by Jeetendra Vaishy
Truly wonderful and inspirational!
Are these pencil colours, oil or something else?
Posted by Shirish Paranjape on 2013 Mar 15 00:15:32 +0000
Brilliant Pic, Thank you for sharing this Pic......:-)
Posted by Kaushik Dharwadkar on 2013 Mar 09 11:59:33 +0000
IR Illustrations by Jeetendra Vaishy
Nice work. Very helpful for new rail fans and interested to know diff loco types.
Posted by Sriram SN on 2013 Mar 08 15:30:17 +0000