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Very Brilliantly presented Vijay, Really appreciate your efforts and your keen & detailed study of the ongoing DC to AC conversion projects in Mumbai, Thank you for sharing....:-)
Posted by Kaushik Dharwadkar on 2012 Feb 07 04:32:08 +0000
Thanks All.

Dear Adithya - Not to think... it is... CR section of CST-Kalyan, CST-PNVL, Thane-Turbhe, Wadala-Mahim(excl) remains under DC. Time is there for it to go AC
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2012 Feb 06 13:43:53 +0000
Nice work!! seems like CR is still under DC traction, wonder when that will be converted.
Posted by Adithya V on 2012 Feb 06 11:15:19 +0000
Very good work Vijay...
Posted by Chitrarth Parghi on 2012 Feb 06 07:04:13 +0000
Thanks Arzan.

Dear Mr. Rao - Why should it terminate the services? When Andheri went AC, CR deployed ACDC rakes for Andheri services. Now Bandra has gone AC, so CR has to deploy ACDC rakes for Bandra services too. Hence no question of terminating of CR services at Wadala.
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2012 Feb 06 05:53:09 +0000
Very nice Vijay. Please keep it up.
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2012 Feb 06 05:41:55 +0000
Does this mean that the CSTM-Andheri trains will get terminated at Wadala fro some time, until CR goes AC?
Posted by Dr. Himagirish Rao on 2012 Feb 06 02:08:59 +0000
Was waiting for this only its great to see the green line all over WR :) Nice one.. :)
Posted by Raj Upadhyay on 2012 Feb 05 17:30:50 +0000
Certainly Srinivas Sir.....Pls let me know offline for any queries. Incidently, if you notice - BoriBunder Victoria Terminus (BBVT) - Now CST, was the 1st station on Indian Railways to introduce 1st ever electrification on route and 1st ever station to introduce 1500V Direct Current Traction and this same CST will be the last station on Indian Railways to get converted into 25000V AC traction.
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2012 Feb 05 16:14:38 +0000
This is a historic moment in the saga of IR in Mumbai area.

Eighty five years of DC traction has ended in BB&CI (WR). The next milestone will be to see WAM's and WAP's in BBVT (CSTM) of GIPR (CR).

Hope, this happens soon. This will be a feather in IR's cap.

Vijay - A couple of more updates will be needed from you !!
Posted by S. Srinivas on 2012 Feb 05 15:41:08 +0000