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I feel that Cr should remove all the interior and make it like BCNA type of coach, loading maximum of filth in single go.
Posted by Shehbaaz Kadri on 2013 Mar 09 08:43:48 +0000
Dont know why CR has been so generous, but if you see at end, CR has used one newly POHed driving cab for this rake, which had replaced a -to-be-scrapped old coach. And there is also one Ex WR motor coach 852B too in this consist
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2013 Mar 06 11:39:10 +0000
Interesting - hearing about a Garbage collection train for the first time!
Posted by PVS Praveen Kumar on 2013 Mar 06 08:36:28 +0000
Vijay, it can be seen at this link.
Posted by Akshay Marathe on 2012 Aug 07 14:11:36 +0100
Nice catch Akshay. Possible, if you could capture the extra motor coach also in this consist?
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2012 Aug 07 11:41:29 +0100
Brilliant Capture Vijay, the acceleration of this EMU is very smooth, thank you for sharing this Pic...:-)
Posted by Kaushik Dharwadkar on 2012 Jul 08 08:57:14 +0100
LNL Retro fitted EMU
Very nice pic. And also shows a pathetic mismatch done by CR. If you zoom this picture and see its 7th or 8th coach, it has MRVC liveried Pure AC ICF EMU coach sandwiched in between. So, CR hasn't spared even this Retrofitted Jessop EMU and Pure AC ICF EMU in shuffling ans mismatch.
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2012 Jul 06 04:11:53 +0100
LNL Retro fitted EMU
Nice frame Ashwin.
Posted by Chaitanya Gokhale on 2012 Jul 05 11:41:15 +0100
Srinivas Sir - I could find 5 differences atleast from my side:
1. Ofcourse, 1st is the livery change
2. The way in which the nummber 553 is painted in front - 3 times in DC rake, one time in ACDC rake
3. Extra ventilator for motorman in ACDC rake
4. The "6th coach for Handipcapped" notice is not there
5. Horn on the left, in DC EMU, has been shifted upwards, near windscreen
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2012 Jul 05 04:03:42 +0100
LNL Retro fitted EMU
Posted by Sriram on 2012 Jul 04 16:34:23 +0100