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It would be extremely interesting to see a picture or any details of the other locomotive.
Posted by David Churchill on 2011 May 17 08:50:31 +0100
I would suggest that this is much more likely to be the remains of a locomotive of the former Dehri-Rohtas Light Railway. It would be No 6 if it is an 0-6-4T but there were similar 0-6-2 t locos.

Compare with my picture taken in 1979 which i have uploaded in the gallery.

Being ex DRLR would also roughly agree with it being described as based at Patna.
Posted by David Churchill on 2011 May 17 08:46:59 +0100
This appears to be one of the 0-6-4T locomotives built by W.G Bagnall for Ahmadpur-Katwa or Burdwan-Katwa sections of McLeods Railway.
If the owner of this locomotive is willing to give it away, it can be restored for placing on a pedestal at the very least. If there is interest, please contact me through the gallery address.
Posted by Harsh Vardhan on 2011 May 14 04:23:36 +0100
Not really!
This is the boiler number whereas locomotives were usually identified by their maker number or running number.
Posted by Harsh Vardhan on 2011 May 14 04:14:30 +0100
I too dreamt of owning a locomotive. Had I been successful in buying one, I would have found myself in a similar predicament for sure !!

Shubhrata - Please ask the owner of the two NG locos to contact me off line ( as I can at least give him some advise.
Posted by S. Srinivas on 2011 May 13 21:59:18 +0100
little miss muffet
I understand another narrow gauge engine is also called Miss Muffet which has been stabled at Varanasi.
Posted by Pinaki Sensarma (guest) on 2009 Jun 10 03:13:47 +0100
Good news, Harsh!

I photographed YL 5010 working an Express from Varanasi in 1980. The loco then had deflectors and decorations.

Thanks, Harsh, for your whole series of steam loco photos.
Posted by John Lacey on 2007 Feb 24 09:18:43 +0000
and I can see my dear WDM-4
Posted by Aseem Johri on 2007 Feb 22 18:03:29 +0000
something similiar used to run at the CRJ Technical Training School grounds, during the annual exhibitions.
Posted by PVS Praveen Kumar on 2007 Feb 20 16:02:54 +0000
Dear Harsh, thanks a million for sharing these vintage pictures!!
Posted by Prakash Tendulkar on 2007 Feb 20 06:28:55 +0000