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Which platform was that? Because I don't remember seeing any platform end like this. May be after some remodeling the platforms got present looks. And from the pic I gather LKO was undergoing electrification at that time. But wasn't the electrification quite late since 1985 when Charbagh started maintenance of electric locos
Posted by Santulan Mahanta on 2016 Mar 21 06:07:03 +0000
Excellent Shot Mamu :)
Posted by N Venkata Chandra Sekhar on 2016 Mar 17 05:46:16 +0000
Posted by Bhanu on 2016 Mar 17 00:23:18 +0000
What clarity! Good shot
Posted by Trayambak Ojha on 2016 Mar 12 18:39:12 +0000
i have always loved the WAM4 since the beginning and the first electric loco to come to SC was also a WAM4
Posted by Lakshman Thodla on 2016 Mar 01 08:48:56 +0000
Posted by R Viswa Chandra on 2016 Mar 01 07:05:04 +0000
Hi Lakshman,

I still remember when you used to fancy WAP-7,s. So finally you found new love in these old horses :-)
Posted by Vaibhav Sarin on 2016 Mar 01 05:54:47 +0000
I am humbled by your kind comments thank you very much
Posted by Lakshman Thodla on 2016 Feb 24 16:27:32 +0000
BZA WAM-4, you beauty!!! _/\_

What a livery and a solid looking picture! Thanks for the treasure, Lakshman.
Posted by Aravind S on 2016 Feb 24 06:31:20 +0000
This is interesting!
Posted by Abhinav Bhattacharjee on 2015 Apr 25 12:37:50 +0100