Neral Matheran line Monsoon Damage Photos by Pawan Koppa

Pictures of the monsoon damage on Neral Matheran line in 2005. Photos by Pawan Koppa

Date: 2008-12-23
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Now we could realize why the railway officials said it would take at least two years to get this section working. In most parts the track is simply not there. First the boulders have to be cleared followed by levelling and then laying of new tracks. Railf


Even an act of track sabotage would not look so good. On one end the track sleepers hang precariously off the edge and on the other the track completely dissapears!!!


Try to count the pieces of track. We totally gave up. Tracks crushed beneath boulders from the landslide. It struck us so much to see such a wonderful section being reduced to rubble, thanks to the all-powerful forces of nature.


The track does a disspearing act. It is almost totally buried now. Leave alone the train, railfans Debu and Sameer have to figure out how to cross the rubble. Just imagine how much work it will take to get this great section ready!!


All surprises on this section! Now boulders appear out of nowhere. The tracks seem to have arrested their free fall. Fellow railfan Debu cant believe it!!


A close-up of the damage on the Neral-Matheran section. One can easily assess the gravity of the situation.


Another view..tracks hang from both sides of a once existant bridge. Now all that exists is a deep gorge filled with boulders and pieces of track scattered everywhere.


Free fall??? Look at the tracks!!! Badly damaged is an an understatement!! Tracks crumpled, mangled and hanging from every part of the landslide area.


Where does this lead to??? One can niether figure out where this track starts from or where it leads to. All that remains is mangled track and rubble.


Another view of the destroyed bridge exactly 8.5 kms from Neral. One end of the track ends up in total rubble while the other hangs from air. In short, a bridge leading to nowhere!!


Curve no.80!!! Where is the curve??? All that remains is broken track projecting from the other side of the non-existant bridge. The boulders would take years to clear and make the section traffic ready again.


If one word could be used to describe the damage caused to the Neral-Matheran section due to the devastating rains of last year, HAVOC!! could be it. Just one look at this pic and it says it all. A track hangs from thin air due to a heavy landslide which