Accidents and Derailments

Pictures of derailments and accidents

Date: 2011-12-08
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Sequence 1 of 3 : Derailed tanker wagon near Thiruvottiyur on the Chennai - Gudur route. The tanker was preceeding my EMU and the derailment blocked both the lines disrupting traffic (Subbaraman)


A damaged coach rests at Danapur goods yard. (UDBHAV SINGH)


RTM WDM-3A #18623 waits in BSR yard with its badly damaged brother #18864 and a BCNA rake behind it. (Karan Desai)

Accident 1

Derailed coaches of 727 SR (Madurai - Quilon Fast Passenger) between Valliyur and Aralvazhimozhy. The accident took place on early morning of 20th March 2008. Giri. 04-26-2008. Camera: Nikon Coolpix. Email:

Accident 2

Another view of the derailed coaches.Giri. 04-26-2008. Camera: Nikon Coolpix. Email:


This time the other coach from the close. Looks like they are awaiting some type of inquiry/inspection, otherwise they should have been towed away to railway scrapyard.


The derailed coaches of JU-HWH express lying in Kanpur.


Nagarcoil-Howrah Express accident at Duvvada: For some people it was their world turned upside down.


Nagarcoil-Howrah Express accident at Duvvada: Twisted remains of the Sleeper coaches. The accident occurred just outside of Duvvada station towards VSKP when the train was cruising at 105 kmph speed. On top is a goods train carrying hot-rolled coils from


Sad News . WAG5RH 23576 ASN is no more with us. - Kanchrapara Workshop.


Termination and beginning of WAPs . WAP4 22265 waiting for its final cremation while WAP1 22044 at the beginning of its duty after a POH. Kanchrapara Workshop.


Mangled remains of one of the coach of the Howrah-Jamalpur express.A 150 year old bridge had collapsed on the moving train in Dec 2006.Picture clicked by Anish Niranjan,Feb 2007 Bhagalpur.