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Date: 2005-07-02
Owner: Jay Balakrishna
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MG Steam videos
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Videos by Vikas Chander
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Videos of Mr. Robert Dueman's retirement
Album: Videos of Mr. Robert Dueman's retirement

The videos were shot in honour of retirement of Mr. Robert Dueman, 'A' grade driver of Mumbai division, in 1997. Mr. Dueman is a very Dear Friend of ISA.

Videos by Various Members
Album: Videos by Various Members

Kapilas Rd. videos : Puri->NDLS Neelachal Exp passing by behind a....BZA WAG-5!


Kapilas Rd. videos : Very high speed Dhauli express passby, taken from very close quarters. Don't try this at home!!! Apologies for the small amount of camera shake, and huge compression!!

reva pass.avi

Video 4 : Reva passanger with kanpur WAP 4 #22308. Ghaziabad. 2006.02.09.

tn exp.avi

Video 3 : The Tamil Nadu express screams past the camera with Erode WAP 4 #22272 in the lead. 2006.02.07. TKD.