Branching Out in Khandesh

Images of the Pachora Jamner Narrow Gauge line. Opened for traffic up to Pahur in 1918 majorly to serve the Ajanta caves, it was extended upto Jamner in the following year. Since then, this line has not undergone many changes. Many antique things can be traced here. The line travels amid more or less dry areas of Khandesh but the catalyst monsoon brings in thorough changes. The 'PJ' train, as it is affectionately referred by the localites, receives excellent commuter patronage. An effort to capture this PJ territory, mainly during the rains.

Date: 2012-12-07
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Pachora Narrow Gauge side. The late morning service from Jamner has just arrived here.


The narrow gauge track amid the lush greenery.


The little coach of the passenger at Shendurni halt.


Pahur, a road junction is a major halt of the line. After vacating half the crowd, train leaves the rain soaked station of Pahur.


Jamner Pachora passenger passing over the Hivra river.


Shadow of the past, the steam era. The turntable and water tank at Jamner.


Narrow gauge trolley.


The milestone now shows the distance from Mumbai CST, but earlier the distance was shown ex. Pachora. Stenciled mark of 2 kms. shows that and also the letters "PJ", this line being affectionately known as.

IMG 016

The 'Self Reversing' manual point lever at Jamner.


The lush green fields of maize along the track.


Station building of the line terminus place Jamner.


View facing Pachora side from close to the end of the line at Jamner.


Train passes through the lush greenery post Shendurni on its way to Pachora.


The coupling between the coaches of the train.

IMG 045

The train passing over the Sonad bridge.

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Thanks all for your valuable compliments.
Posted by Sanket Gosavi on 2012 Dec 25 16:13:15 +0000
Sincere thanks for the superb documentary of this charming NG section.
Posted by Gowri Sankar R on 2012 Dec 18 15:13:57 +0000
Great effort in capturing these lovely treasures.
Posted by Abhinav Bhattacharjee on 2012 Dec 15 18:10:40 +0000