Honnavar - A true railfan paradise!

Inspired by various trips by members to KR's crown jewel, I headed out on a trip to see it with my own eyes. I was blown away by the peace, beauty and nature's grandeur which Honnavar is. Thanks to Appu and gang's detailed maps of the area, I was able to get around easily and let myself soak into nature and pristine diesel action. Presenting to you a place a railfan will never get tired seeing or visiting - Honnavar!

Date: 2015-02-05
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The first action of the day has to be the most awaited one - and I was not disappointed! Golden Rock's toaster curves in swiftly on to Honnavar Bridge with the Rajdhani bound to Delhi! (Pawan Koppa)


Closely following the Rajdhani was an almost hour late running biweekly Ernakulam-Okha Express led by an Ernakulam WDM-3A. (Pawan Koppa)


As I got down from the viewpoint hill onto the line descending a steep slope, the first sight to emerge is the Honnavar Tunnel. A minute's prayer for those who laid down their lives during the construction of this tunnel followed. This tunnel is defini


This is how the inside of a KR tunnel looks like! (Pawan Koppa)


With the sun behind me, the next sight was the Mangalore-Madgaon "Superfast" passenger hauled by its customary Erode WDM-3D which unlike its MPS run throughout, slowed to observe the PSR over the Sharavathi A bridge. (Pawan Koppa)


The weekly Dadar- Tirunelveli Express led by Erode's WDM-3D #11194 flies out of Honnavar tunnel. (Pawan Koppa)


The only loaded Ro-Ro service that I saw during my two day visit to Honnavar led by Golden Rock's WDG-4 #12783 (Pawan Koppa)


The endless line of trucks being "driven" without actually anyone "driving" them were a sight to behold! (Pawan Koppa)


A plaque near the Sharavathi - A bridge which was completed in September 1994. (Pawan Koppa)


The almost 3 hour late running Mumbai-Mangalore Superfast led by its customary Kalyan WDG-3A # 13496 cruises over the Sharavathi A bridge. (Pawan Koppa)


Next up was the Mangalore-Madgaon Intercity led by Ernakulam's WDM-3A #16479. The train here is crossing the Sharavathi B bridge and entering Mavinkurve island. A short distance ahead is the Sharavathi A bridge which culminates in the Honnavar tunnel. (Pa


Truly light at the end of the tunnel. This is one pic I was always waiting to capture, that of a train inside a tunnel. This was the closest I could get before moving away to safety. Ernakulam's alco approaches with the weekly Gandidham-Nagercoil Express.


Finally the loco bursts out of the tunnel! Ernakulam's WDM-3A shows some power as it exits with the express to Nagercoil. (Pawan Koppa)


After an afternoon break, I returned for the evening's actions. First up was the Karwar-Bangalore Express with Ernakulam's WDM-3A #16457 gracefully passing over the A bridge. (Pawan Koppa)


The centurion star appears! Bhagat ki Kothi's "ton" #20100- the only passenger EMD I captured races past with the Marusagar Express bound to Ernakulam. (Pawan Koppa)

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Terrific album
Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2015 Feb 22 15:32:24 +0000
Superb .... Nice collection ....
Posted by Jayasankar Madhavadas on 2015 Feb 19 06:21:34 +0000
Lovely set of pictures. Lucky Pawan to get enough time off to do this. Thanks for sharing the album.
Posted by Sridhar Joshi on 2015 Feb 18 05:08:22 +0000