Route diverted in Gujarat!

"Arre train Udaipur nahi jaaegi"
"Ab? Aur kahaan jaa sakte hai?"
"Himmatnagar, Mahesana and... Taranga Hill"
"OK, lets go there then!"
"Udhar kya hai?"
"Kuch pata nahi. Lets go!!!"
The Mumbai gang's original plan was to cover ADI - Udaipur MG section, but the MG express was short terminated at Himmatnagar. Finally, the sections covered were ADI - Himmatnagar by MG 2AC, ADI - Mahesana by MG passenger, Mahesana - Taranga hill by MG DMU. A long standing wish of travelling by LHB shatabdi too was fulfilled in this trip. Date: 2010-07-16 to 2010-07-18.

Date: 2010-07-29
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WCAM-2p WITH 2009

The trip starts with a fantastic journey in BCT - ADI shatabdi. It is seen here ready for departure from BCT headed by WCAM-2P #21880. (Dhawal Poladia)


C4 coach interiors of BCT-ADI Shatabdi exp (Apoorva Karlekar)


"Looking for business in the crowd" (Karan Desai)


The 2009 Shatabdi express pulls into platform 1 at ADI, 15 minutes before time! The MEMU stabled on the non platform line was spotted on Vasai - Panvel sector 15 days before this trip! (Akshay Marathe)


The gang of railfans in retiring room at Ahmedabad. Front row (L-R): Abhishek Nair, Kaushik Dharwadkar, Pushkar Joshi, Abhishek Risbud. Rear row (L-R): Yours truly, Dhawal Poladia, Apoorva Karlekar, Karan Desai. (Akshay Marathe)


Ticket for the 'Double Bad Room' at Ahmedabad station! (Karan Desai)


Ahmedabad-Abu road DMU ready to leave from ADI. (Apoorva Karlekar)


Dual gauge track on Sabarmati river bridge between ADI and Sabarmati Jn. (Akshay Marathe)


ADI-ABR DMU entering Sabarmati Jn. (Apoorva Karlekar)


Jammu Tawi - ADI Express starts from Sabarmati Jn after its crossing with Abu Road bound DMU. An ABR WDM-3A is in charge of the train. (Akshay Marathe)


ADI-ABR DMU leaving SBI.The train in the background is 9224 up JAT-ADI exp. (Apoorva Karlekar)


An array of MACL signals in the MG portion of Sabarmati Jn. (Akshay Marathe)


Front view of YG #3430 "Shantidoot" plinthed outside SBI. Note the crown atop the loco with the words "SBI" written on it! (Akshay Marathe)


The delhi end of MG yard of Sabarbati Jn. In the siding at the left side, MG AC two tier coaches booked for POH can be seen. (Akshay Marathe)


Mehsana adi pass leaving sabarmati jn. (Apoorva Karlekar)

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What an excellent set of picture! Really enjoyed.
Posted by Harish Kumar on 2010 Aug 04 07:22:19 +0100
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Pushkar Joshi .....great to see you with the gang. Perhaps next time I come to India we can all do a trip. Why am I so excited to see him? He was my class mate and we were the only guys in the entire class who shared a passion for the railways! Did he...
Posted by Arunkumar Viswanathan on 2010 Aug 04 03:07:35 +0100
Nice package of photos !
Posted by Chaitanya Gokhale on 2010 Aug 03 13:07:22 +0100