Vibrant Gujarat

Gujarat, the land of legends, history, culture and colour, has a complete railway network - from NG to BG - in the country.

A week long travel was not enough for us to to cover the divergence of history, culture, landscape and railway in Gujarat. This is our humble attempt to showcase the vibrancy of Gujarat from a rail enthusiast's perspective. The trip was carefully planned over eight months, which completed with the help of our trusted machines and perfect team work. We would take this opportunity to thank CPRO, Western Railways, and all station staff we met en route, who encouraged us in this endeavor. Finally special thanks to MVL Manikantan (IRFCA-MAS), who was instrumental in providing us critical support, wherever/whenever required.

Date: 2013-12-11
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The Little trains of South Gujarat
Album: The Little trains of South Gujarat

The Little trains of South Gujarat

The Saurashtra Sojourn
Album: The Saurashtra Sojourn

This is a collection of pictures from our journey and ride across the railway network of Kathiawar Peninsula.

Jungle Trail
Album: Jungle Trail
The Heavy Weights of Kutch
Album: The Heavy Weights of Kutch
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Well done.....
Posted by Milind on 2014 Jan 08 06:27:40 +0000
Wonderful album. Many thanks
Posted by David Churchill on 2014 Jan 07 10:38:06 +0000
Great work..... Its Vibrant coverage of Vibrant gujarat..
Enjoyed each n every pics.... Thanks for sharing...
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2014 Jan 04 15:01:24 +0000