A water cannon salute to 8047 HWH-VSG Amaravati Express!
Vasco bound Amaravati is the next train to head down the Ghats. Gooty WDM-3a twins #14034 and #14057 carefully negotiates the viaduct across the dudhsagar falls. Photo by Benher (Harish Kumar)

Date: 2010-07-31
Owner: Harish Kumar
Full size: 1280x857

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Aperture Value f/7.1 Color Space sRGB
Exposure Program Unknown: 0 Flash No Flash
ISO 200 Metering Mode Multi-Segment
Shutter Speed Value 1/200 sec Digital Zoom Ratio 1
Date/Time 2010 Jul 31 13:10:35 +0100

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Posted by Vishal Khare on 2010 Aug 24 14:54:42 +0100
Stunning picture! I did not realize that you can actually get drenched by the falls during monsoon!
Posted by Mani Vijay on 2010 Aug 19 14:14:04 +0100
absolutely super, stunning, mind-boggling ... wow
Posted by Anuj Misra on 2010 Aug 19 11:45:07 +0100
Did anyone notice the sole monkey sitting on the fence admiring the train? :)
Posted by Karan Desai on 2010 Aug 18 04:38:35 +0100
Oh, one of the best shots from DDS!!! Amazing
Posted by Jimmy Jose on 2010 Aug 18 04:32:46 +0100
In loss of words to describe the beauty!!
Posted by Abhinav Bhattacharjee on 2010 Aug 16 19:03:06 +0100
Awesome!!even my friends who are not railfans are in awe with this pic..this pic will serve as my desktop wallpaper for a long time to come...
Posted by Abhishek Nair on 2010 Aug 16 14:06:18 +0100
One of the best images in recent times!
Posted by M S M Saifullah on 2010 Aug 16 07:58:57 +0100
superb !!!
Posted by Rajesh Warange on 2010 Aug 16 05:26:41 +0100
Posted by Vrijilesh Rai on 2010 Aug 15 13:05:49 +0100
Manohar, thanks for pointing out the monkey. Totally missed him because of the mesmerizing shot of the train passing through a wall of water.
Posted by Dr.Jitendra Mulky on 2010 Aug 15 04:57:53 +0100
Simply brilliant..!! Best capture of the baldies with the Amaravati..! Even the primate looks awe struck at the sight..
Posted by Manohar Natarajan on 2010 Aug 14 18:32:53 +0100
Wow! Fantastic image.
Posted by Apurva Bahadur on 2010 Aug 14 17:37:07 +0100
amazing amazing and once more amazing shot...hats off!!
Posted by Deepak Murali on 2010 Aug 14 17:26:07 +0100
This is THE BEST picture I have seen on the gallery in 6 years.
This picture is definitely fit to be on the cover page of the IR Timetable. I would suggest that you submit this picture to railpictures.net
Posted by Ramdev Gowda on 2010 Aug 14 16:01:58 +0100
this same pair of locos spotted at RDM recently
Posted by Maruthi Kota on 2010 Aug 14 12:18:59 +0100
Indian monsoon at its best !
Posted by Chaitanya Gokhale on 2010 Aug 14 10:07:49 +0100
great picture!!
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2010 Aug 14 07:41:25 +0100
Just awsome capture
Posted by Raj Upadhyay on 2010 Aug 14 07:28:28 +0100
Excellent Pic !!!
Posted by Raj Bhavsar on 2010 Aug 14 07:05:46 +0100