Delicacies of The Dang

Set of images from the Dang region. Situated in the South Gujrat, it is served by Narrow Gauge line from Bilimora to Waghai.

Date: 2013-09-02
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Bilimora platform scene just before the departure of morning service to Waghai.

IME_163 A

Bilimora NG Diesel Loco Shed

IMB_64 A

Trail, not a Royal Coach (Taht's what I misread from far). This freshly overhauled coach tested four days attached to two services a day.

IMC_26 C

Iron Sleeper 2- IRS 1955 Colvilles

IMC_124 C

Iron Sleeper 3- "ISR Cont F 1844-A Th H-1927-GIPR 80"

IMC_117 B

Iron Sleeper 4:"IRS Micheville"

IMD_46 A

Train negotiates a curve and approaches a Level Crossing.


Hidden in the dense shrubbery, an antique handpump at Dungarda

IMG_8066 A

Large number of passengers waiting to board as the Waghai bound train arrives at Unai.

IMD_19 B

Antique manual Point Lever from GBSR era which is still in use .

IMA_65 D

Train passing over the Ambika Bridge. It is a very rare occasion when the train run with all green "Eco Friendly" livery.

IMB_88 B

The route passes through the Vansda National Park and seen here the train amid thick Vansda Forest.


A 1922 Rail piece, manufactured for Jaipur State Railways. Perhaps it was relaid on Waghai-Bilimora line.

IMD_120 B

Train negotiating a sharp curve in the Dang forest.

IMG_8062 A
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Felt almost every picture close to my heart.. looks like you attached emotion with these pics. NG is a sound example of co-existence of peace, greenery and railway together. and your effort to cover it from each minute detail to scenic location made it...
Posted by Abhishek Kashyap trainman on 2013 Oct 15 12:18:41 +0100
Neat, impressive presentation!
Posted by Benhur on 2013 Oct 06 18:50:43 +0100
Wonderful album!
Posted by Anant K Singh on 2013 Oct 04 11:05:17 +0100