The Grand Konkan Grandeur

After exploring the mystical Konkan in the pre-monsoon and monsoon periods, Syed Zohaib travels to new locations of North Konkan and some of the south Konkan regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka respectively during the Winter. The places highlighted are Sangameshwar, Gokarna, Dasgaon, Harwada and nearby places.

Date: 2014-01-09
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After an ardous journey straight from Delhi, I finally arrive in the port town of Ratnagiri in Coastal Maharashtra to start my Konkan sojourn. The first train was the Madgaon bound Janshatabdi led by Ernakulam's rebuilt WDM-3A snaking into Pf 1 about 15 m


I got off at the foothill of a small village named Dingini where mostly tribals live. I was looking around a bit when the trains decided it was time to kickstart my Konkan sojourn and I spot a north-bound BCN rake led by PUNE WDG-4 rattling over Shastri r


My first time here in the North Konkan in Maharashtra, I start off with spotting the Mumbai bound Mandovi express with namma KJM WDP-4 leading the rake over Shastri river near Sangameshwar road, Maharashtra. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Diva - Sawantwadi passenger rumbles over Shastri river at Dingini village near Sangameshwar with Ernakulam's Alco at the helm. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Ratlam rebuilt rushes with Dehradun - Kochuveli SF toward Shastri river viaduct enroute to its next stop at Ratnagiri. (Syed Zohaibullah)


The last shot at Sangameshwar before I head out to Gokarna in the south. The Sun winding up for the day, greets goodbye slowly as the North bound TVC - Veraval Express crosses over Shastri river at Sangameshwar. (Syed Zohaibullah)


My first shot of a train in Gokarna in Karnataka. On a freezing winter morning, the winter special to Mangalore with twin powers silently coasts over the Gangavali river as the first rays of the Sun say good morning in the Konkan Coast. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Hubli's WDG-4 hauls a Ro-Ro over Gangavali river near Gokarna on a bright and a cold morning. Always a delight to watch a Ro-Ro which is seen only in the Konkan Railway. (Syed Zohaibullah)


One can truly see the iridescent property of water here from the first rays of Sunlight to noon. The rays of light slowly begin to illuminate the landscape of Gokarna. In the cold air with lukewarm sunlight, LTT - Ernakulam Duronto coasts over Gangavali r


The rivers have now changed to a bright deep blue post the monsoon season. Seen here is a Ro-Ro rake passing over Gangavali river. (Syed Zohaibullah)


Nestled on a high mountain, it gives immense pleasure to watch an 'red snake' move slowly through the rock cuttings across the fields. North bound Trivandrum Rajdhani express exits Gokarna road station. (Syed Zohaibullah)


A view I can never get tired seeing. The North bound Trivandrum Rajdhani passes over the beautiful Gangavali river near Gokarna. (Syed Zohaibullah)


The shot I was eagerly waiting for patiently presented a 5 sec window. Post monsoon, the rivers in the Konkan region turn to a beautiful blue whilst the Hazrath Nizamuddin bound TVC Rajdhani contrasts with its blood red coaches gliding in the bright morni


One of my favorite trains in Konkan Railway - The Mumbai - Mangalore Superfast with its deadly power from Kalyan. Always a sight to behold. Seen here is the Mangalore Superfast gliding over the Gangavali river at Kodsnani village near Gokarna. (Syed Zohai


Twin GOC WDG-4s lead the Madgaon passenger into Gokarna Road station on a hot winter noon. The purple building stands out distinctly. (Syed Zohaibullah)

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A Super effort made by you for these stunning, super-natural pictures. An absolute treat to watch these. Thank youm so much mate :)
Posted by Anuj Misra on 2014 Jan 30 09:47:35 +0000

Wonderful set of pics.. Kudos for your efforts..
Posted by Hrishikesh Moghe on 2014 Jan 28 14:28:38 +0000
Great set of pictures, I am unable to decide which one is my fav, guess most of them. One of the best set of pics from the Konkan area. Hats off to the efforts.
Posted by Mandar Dixit on 2014 Jan 28 05:33:18 +0000